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Book Catalogue
(1300 total ratings on Google Play)
Evan Leybourn / Productivity
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(1300 total ratings on Google Play)


An open source book cataloguing application (source on github). Books can be added manually, by ISBN, or barcode.

Remember to backup and export your existing catalogue before you upgrade!

Book Catalogue is NOT a book reader.

Features include:
* Sorting by author (last name), title, series, etc.
* user-defined sort and list styles
* Search Amazon, Google Books, goodreads and LibraryThing for data
* Searching
* Thumbnails (download, gallery or camera)
* Loaning books
* goodreads synchronization
* Export and Backup
* Bookshelves (books can be on multiple shelves)

Want a wishlist? Just create a bookshelf called ''Wishlist'' and start adding books.

Please email us (below) if you have any issues after an upgrade.

Wiki can be found at:


Full history at:


Recent History:

New in 5.0.8

* More German translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)

New in 5.0.7

* Fixes to bugs introduced in 5.0.5!

New in 5.0.1-5.0.5

* Style ''Added date'' is now in descending order for Android 2.2+
* New field: Language
* Minor Performance improvements for Android 2.2+
* Translation updates (Imkal)
* Bug fixes

New in 5.0.0

* A non-editable view of book details, with ''fling'' support! (Nick Silin)
* Archiving of entire catalogue, including books, covers, preferences and styles
* Updated and improved interface, including Action Bar suppor (should work better on devices without menu buttons)
* Support for pic2shop scanner
* More French translation updates (Imkal & Djiko)
* More German translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)
* More Russian translation updates (Nick Silin)
* Bug fixes

New in 4.2.3

* Improve handling of invalid ISBNs when sending to goodreads
* Other minor bug fixes

New in 4.2.2

* Fix tiling of background image for some Android versions
* Better handling of incompatible scanner apps
* Send more details on crash or when asking for help
* Cleanup of layouts (Nick Silin)
* Bug fixes

New in 4.2.1

* Fix crash when expanding list items and using ''Expand All''

New in 4.2

* Date-Picker that supports dates down to 0AD as well as partial dates
* HTML descriptions display correctly with click to edit
* Preference for pre-selecting whole image when cropping
* Preference for auto-rotating images from camera
* Preference to use external cropping tool (experimental)
* Added more items to the options menus
* French translation updates (Imkal)
* German translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)
* Russian translation updates (Nick Silin)
* Updated OK/Cancel button positions to conform to current Android standards
* Full keyboard available when entering ASINs
* Keeps 5 previous export files
* Better detection of \''changes\'' when editing books
* Support for a wider range of Gallery and file browsers
* More reliable date handling on import/export/sync
* Fix handling of duplicate anthology titles
* Various bugs fixed

Many thanks to our dedicated beta testers and translators!

Blame Grunthos for all bugs and errors. And send us bug reports.

New in 4.1-4.1.5

* New style options: location and date read
* Sharing can now send via any app that advertises the interface (eg. mail) (filipeximenes)
* French translation updates (Djiko)
* If fields have been edited, and ''back'' is pressed, ask the user for confirmation (filipeximenes)
* Assume book is read when importing from goodreads if the user has rated it
* Change install location to avoid problems with encrypted SD cards
* Bug fixes in file import and data import
* improved import robustness
* fix for long-standing bugs if rotation while editing a book, and for a bug in date parsing when in non-english locales
* Translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)
* Bug fix for ''read'' date import from goodreads
* Fix bug relating to commas in bookshelf names creating extra shelves

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