TIPS (Text In Private Space)

TIPS (Text In Private Space)
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(250 total ratings on Google Play)


TIPS (Texts In Private Space) - Hitting the Android Market as a Free Premier App

Text messaging has taken over as the most popular form of communication in the world. Over 3,000,000,000,000 text messages will be sent this year. What happens if someone accesses your phone with or without your permission? You’re right; they will be able to see all of your logged text conversations and pictures that have been sent or received. How many of us have messages that we don’t want others to read, because the texts are for our eyes only? Probably most of us! It’s clear, you need to be able to keep your text messages private and secured, and TIPS is the most reliable service available to do that.

You can rest a little easier now! The latest app for Android—TIPS—has just hit the market. TIPS is the ultimate tool to meet your text-message privacy needs. With TIPS, you set up an additional retrieval box, disguised as a very cleverly designed tip calculator, which no one can enter without using a private password. The icon itself looks and operates like a tip calculator when used by others, but if you type in your private password, the screen flips over and reveals all of your private messages to you! TIPS also offers two additional icons by using the widget feature on your phone to activate a new look and keep spying eyes away.

How does it work? Once you download the app, you’ll go through a simple set-up page that will allow you to choose a password that fits your needs. So you won’t miss hidden text or picture, the coolest feature of this app is the ability for the TIPS icon to transform itself slightly to alert you that a message has arrived and is in the secure area (see "how to" link below). You also have the ability to set up a discrete conversation starter to alert you that a message has arrived.

Whatever your reason for maintaining fully secure text messages, with TIPS you can actually keep your private messages “private.” When someone asks to use or check your phone, you can hand it over with a smile, knowing that your text messages won’t get into the wrong hands!

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Widget "how to" video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTcB2cA1TuM

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