Able Remote

Able Remote
(1200 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Turn your Android device into a customized Google TV remote. A Google TV featured app!

"Able Remote Is a Supercharged Google TV Controller." - Lifehacker

“Where the official Google TV remote app begins, Able Remote grabs the reigns and pushes things further in a way that’s intuitive, full featured, and a mix of geeky and fun.” – Android Central

"One of the five must-have Google TV Apps" - Geek.com

"Able Remote is a must-try app for every Google TV owner…rating 4 out of 5 - Androinica"

Navigate Google TV with touch gestures and voice commands. Share photos, videos and web pages with your TV. Forward notifications to your TV.

If you''re having any trouble, PLEASE CONTACT US at feedback@ableremote.com BEFORE RATING, so we can help you out and improve the App - your feedback really does help. We can''t respond to reviews or comments.

- TV Touch navigation
- Touch play controls
- View photos and videos from your device on Google TV
- Share web pages with the TV
- Customize buttons (paid feature)
- Launch your favorite apps
- Jump to your favorite TV channels
- View SMS, Caller ID and app notifications on your TV
- Voice commands
- Single button power on/off all devices
- Control your TV, set-top box, audio receiver and Blu-ray player
- Create macros that combine device, app and channel actions
- Change the user interface color
- Web bookmarks
- Spotlight web apps
- Weather and clock overlay
- Trending posts from Google+
- Android widget to remotely control Google TV Play Music
- Share button layouts
- Backups
- Netflix Instant Queue

NOTE: You also need to install the "Able Remote for Google TV" app on your Google TV device.

To get started, connect your Android device to the same network as your Google TV.

All the basic features of the app is free. Most of the features to edit or change the app is available for a nominal fee.

Receive SMS, Read contact data, Read phone state and identity - For any incoming SMS or phone calls, notifications will be forwarded to your Google TV. For the incoming calls, the phone number will be matched in the contacts list and used for the text of the notification.

For technical reasons, the All Notifications setting in Able Remote uses Android''s Accessibility service and must be enabled in the Android Accessibility settings. For convenience, options are provided on the Able Remote settings screen to go to the Accessibility settings. Just to be clear, Able Remote is intended to be a convenience tool and is not an accessibility tool. The Accessibility service will give a warning that Able Remote may be able to collect personal data. This is because Accessibility doesn''t know what or how data passing through it is used by enabled apps. Able Remote only uses Accessibility to pass notification text to your Google TV and not used for any other purpose or stored.

Be aware of the accessibility apps that are enabled when you enable Able Remote! Your phone behavior might be affected by other accessibility apps that were enabled when Accessibility was turned on.

External storage is used for sharing button layouts and for storing backups.

Vizio Co-Star:
The Vizio Co-Star Google TV device does not have a built-in IR blaster. This means that apps like Able Remote cannot control devices attached to your Google TV device unless you follow these instructions:
1. Disable power save mode on your Google TV for your physical remote (Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth -> Vizio XRA700 Remote -> Remote power save -> Off)
2. Place the physical remote so that it is pointing at the devices you want to control. Your physical remote will act as a IR blaster for controlling all the devices connected to your Google TV.

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