Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
(12.14k total ratings on Google Play)
Estmob Inc. / Productivity
Downloads: 500k
(12.14k total ratings on Google Play)


We are proud to announce Send Anywhere 2, our biggest update yet!

This simple, unlimited, instant file transferring app will make file sharing easier than ever before.
Send Anywhere is a globally recognized file sharing service that has topped millions of downloads on Android, iOS, Chrome, and Amazon.
It has been written about by major IT outlets such as TechCrunch, TNW, Lifehacker, and CNET as one of the best alternatives to Dropbox.
“The fact that this works seamlessly on Android-iOS-PC is the big seller for me” (Lifehacker)
“Meet Send Anywhere, the spiritual lovechild of Dropbox and Snapchat” (The Next Web)
“Send Anywhere skips the middleman in the file transfer process. Couldn''t have been easier” (CNET)
“Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Service Send Anywhere Raises $1M Seed Round” (TechCrunch)

No signup or login required—all you need is a 6-digit key to pair devices.
Share any file type (photos, apps, videos, etc.), of any size, across all mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod) and PC (https://send-anywhere.com)

【 How it works 】
★ Sending
1. Select a file and click “Send”
2. This will generate a 6-digit one time key (OTK) which you will share with the person you want to send the file to.
3. Stand by.
Tip: You can also send a push alert to one of the nearby/recently used devices in the list.
★ Receiving
1. Enter the 6-digit OTK on the receiving device.
2. Enjoy!

★ Remotely manage your PC files★
With the My Devices release, you can remotely manage every Windows and Android device that you’ve registered with Send Anywhere. This means you can access files downloaded on your Windows computer from your Android phone as well as send those files to another device. This seamless process further simplifies your file transferring needs.

★ More Tips ★
1. Share as many of your full resolution vacation photos as you want!
2. Be wary of your cellular data usage when moving lots of large files.
3. Share interesting Android apps with your friends!
- If you are an app developer, you will love this. It''s so easy to share and install .apk files across your test devices.
4. You can choose to upload files for 24hrs.

Permission List:
* android.permission.CAMERA
- To scan QR code.
* android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION
- To find other devices near current location.
* android.permission.INTERNET
- To send/receive files.
* android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS
- To save the received contacts.
* android.permission.READ_CONTACTS
- To read contacts, when pick and send contacts.
* android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
- To write received files on SD card.
* android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
- So that the device can be sent/received in background without stopping when phone goes to sleep.
* android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
- To check the connectivity status (wifi/mobile network).
* android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
- To check the wifi status.
* android.permission.READ_PROFILE
- To get the name of the account.
* android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS
- To access push account.
* com.google.android.c2dm.permission.RECEIVE
- To use push notification.

Keywords: share file, file transfer, transfer wifi/3g

[Our volunteer translators around the world]
• Polish: TomoS
• Dutch: Rakesh Ramdihal (Currently under development)
• Hungarian: B. Tibor aka gidano from Hungary (Will be fully supported soon)
• French: Chris Blade (Will be fully supported soon)
(We''re looking for volunteer translators! If you''re interested in translating Send Anywhere into any language, please contact us via e-mail: alex@estmob.com)

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