Give a Kiss - School Seduction

Give a Kiss - School Seduction
(4200 total ratings on Google Play)
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(4200 total ratings on Google Play)


Give a Kiss - School for Seduction - Test your kissing skills with Give a Kiss app. Kiss the screen and learn how romantic and passionate you are. The game judges your skills and you also get some good and funny advice. Practice to become a Natural Born Kisser. Give a Kiss has options for single kisses for boys and girls and also a kissing match test for couples (Couple Test). It is a gay and lesbian friendly app.

Give a Kiss used during the party guarantees excellent fun. It can also be used during the foreplay to get to know your partner''s skills before your really kiss and make love :D.

The app will also help you develop your kissing skills - the more you kiss the better you get. This gives you a bigger chance to impress your lover!
Don''t disappoint your boyfriend or girlfriend - practice your kissing and become the best. Remember a good kiss is the best way of showing your love.

Give a Kiss is an amazing app for meeting new people. It works perfectly at big parties and also during romantic couple meetings or in a triangle :D
No matter if you''re young or old, if you write romantic poems about love or prefer a quick flirt, or if you want to be a romantic and passionate lover - Give a Kiss is the app for you.

Give a Kiss allows you to test different kinds of kisses: French kiss, American kiss, open or close lips kiss and many others.

If you''re shy and want to meet someone new and have good fun - use Give a Kiss :D
Give a Kiss is the best game of this kind on Google Play.

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Have a good time playing Give a Kiss - School Seduction !!!

Remember - this app is only for entertainment purposes. Don''t treat the results from this app too seriously - it''s just for fun and to cheer you up.

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