Learn Algebra 2

Learn Algebra 2
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(490 total ratings on Google Play)


The critically acclaimed sequel to the popular Learn Algebra app! Now you can learn the basic concepts of Algebra 2 with the same intuitive interface and effective lesson-problem-quicknotes format of the first app all for FREE. This application is perfect for those who have:
- Trouble paying attention in class
- Improper instruction
- General disinterest in math
Don’t worry! Come finals day, you’ll be prepared with our comprehensive algebra app. Our app features everything you’ll need to learn algebra, from an all-inclusive algebra textbook to a number of procedural problem generators to cement your knowledge.

- Abridged algebra textbook, covering many aspects of the subject
- Procedural problem generators, ensuring you will not encounter the same problem twice
- Problem explanations, demonstrating step-by-step how to do each problem
- Quicknotes, reviewing entire chapters in minutes
- Intuitive graphing interface, teaching proper graphing methods
- Statistics tracking, helping you identify your weaknesses

Plus, new chapters are added all the time!

Subjects covered:
Ch. 1: Functions
1.1 Introduction to Functions
1.2 Operations with Functions
1.3 Absolute Value Functions
1.4 Piecewise Functions and Continuity

Ch. 2: Polynomials
2.0 Polynomials Review
2.1 Introduction to Rational Functions
2.2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Functions
2.3 Adding and Subtracting Rational Functions
2.4 Solving Rational Equations

Ch. 3: Linear Systems
3.0 Linear Systems Review
3.1 Systems of Three Equations
3.2 Determinants and Cramer''s Rule
3.3 Systems of Inequalities

Ch. 4: Exponentiation
4.0 Exponential Functions Review
4.1 Introduction to Logarithms
4.2 Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
4.3 Models of Exponential Growth

Ch. 5: Conics
5.1 Parabolas
5.2 Circles
5.3 Ellipses
5.4 Hyperbolas

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