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Expense Tracker Recorder
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Expense Tracker Recorder is a small free app that helps you record your expense using your own voice and track them later in HandWallet.
In order to use this app you should install first HandWallet - a free professional expense manager that helps you to control your expense, accounts, bills and budget.

How to record an expense (after you define your bank account, credit card or cash account)? Very simple – in just 3 steps:
A. Press the record button.

B. Say the name of the category (for example ''Housing'' of ''Food''). You can also add the name of the store and/or the account you paid with if you used them before (for example ''Wal-Mart Food Credit-card'').
Speak loud and clear. Make sure that there is no background noise. Make a little gap between words.

C. Press the "Finish" button. A popup window will appear where you can add/modify 3 questions:
1) When? (the date of the expense).

2) What? (the category of the expense you have just recorded. If the ''Expense Tracker Recorder'' failed to identify the expense this is the place to fix it).
Near the category you should type the amount of the expense. In most cases this is the only thing you will need to type.

3) How it was paid? (the account, pay type and currency of the expense). These will usually be filled automatically.

Press the ''Confirm'' button and your expense is now tracked forever!

Extra features:
• Advanced search and filter options to find a saved transaction
• Multiple currencies. Automatically download exchange rates
• Add information on your expense: pictures, video, voice memos or even a document. Then share this information on social networks.
• Track your cash, credit cards & checking records. View all your recorded expense in an "account statement" view.
• Plan budget
• Personal finance manager: Personal / family cashflow

• Fast, Reliable & Secured. Password protection
• Backup & restore. Send your financial recorded data to your mail in one click!
• Multi languages (including French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and many more)
• Online help within the app.

Why to use an expense tracker?
Because an expense tracker will help you be organized, give you control of your financial behaviour, save you money and give you a better chance to discover your full financial potential.

Why to use "Expense Tracker Recorder" add-on?
Because "Expense Tracker Recorder" the easiest and most intuitive expense recorder. And because we are creating expense trackers and accounting software for ten years and know exactly why most people want to track expense but only few succeed.

How to get started?
Download the "Hand Wallet Tracker Recorder" and "Hand Wallet Expense Manager" apps for free. Verify that your language, country and currency are correct. Hand Wallet will create 3 default accounts: cash, bank account and credit card. You can later change the names of these accounts by pressing the "Data" tab and then "Accounts", for example JP Morgan Chase Bank, American Express credit card or "my cash".
Then press the actions button and record your first expense using your own voice!

How to build budget?
After you record some expense select the "data" button and then categories. Select a category, for example "vehicle expense". Press the "advanced" button and select the type of budget: summarized budget, fixed budget etc.. You can build a different budget for each period.

How to see a pie or a bar graph of your expense?
After you track more expense press the "analyst" tab. Then select the period and the category for example "vehicle expense".
You can switch from expense to budget by using the icon at the left.

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