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TimeLapse! turns your android device into a time lapse video camera.

Now you can share your wonderful time lapse video easily, send to friend, upload to Youtube with a few taps!

What is time lapse? Time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that which will be used to play the sequence back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing.

Unlike some other time lapse applications, we allow you to capture at any rate with no limit on resolution! But be careful on the large memory space and battery consumption.

Please share your great timelapse video on our website: http://explorerdc.blogspot.com/

+ Show list of recorded timelapse videos
+ Play, share and delete recorded videos
+ Link to TimeLapse! Calculator
+ Unlimited video size
+ Support many video filters: grayscale (monochrome), sepia, posterize, inverse
+ Support many white balance: daylight, auto, cloudy, etc.
+ Output AVI video (Motion JPEG encoded)
+ Ad-supported.
+ Auto orientation detection
+ Delay for device stablization
+ Autofocusing
+ Zoom In/Out, even when recording the time lapse video
+ Auto detect preview size
+ Save a JPEG image of the first video frame as preview
+ No shutter sound


1. I can''t play back the video on my phone!
Android supports a limited set of video codec. The video recorded is in AVI format which is Motion JPEG encoded. (FCC: MJPG). You can use third party video players to play the video. Here are two good ones:
Mobo Player, SeamanPlayer

2. I can''t play back the video on my computer?
Windows Vista, Windows 7 should have built in video codec for our recorded video. For Windows XP or before, you may need to download additional codec to playback the video.
Try K-lite codec pack. Many comment complain can''t playback in VLC and rate low.
For Mac, you can use MPlayerX, VLC player does not work by default.

3. Where are my recorded videos?
The recorded timelapse video is saved in /sdcard/Android/TimeLapse/.

4. How can I upload the video to YouTube?
Uploading to YouTube through this application is not available at the moment. However, you can do the upload through the YouTube app.

5. How to rotate the video?
The orientation of the phone is automatically detected before the start of the capturing process. You should have your video in proper orientation. If your phone does not have the orientation sensor, you may need to manually rotate the video in your computer.

6. Can i set a custom video dimension?
Not supported. The video dimensions supported by the app depends on the camera of your phone. We have not limit the size as in most other apps, but be careful when setting to large size. The space consumption will be huge!

7. How long the video can be?
There are no limits imposed by the app, but your SD card storage and battery may have limitations.


Danny, you need a MJPG codec instead of VLC player, which normally in a PC but somehow not work in your crappy machine, any media player will do. Get KLite codec pack instead of rating 1 star.

Jacob and Justin, please read the description page before giving one star rating. We have explicitly said video is unsupported by Android by default. While other video players not supporting our standard video in standard AVI format, it is the problem of the video player, but not our app.

Philip and shwed, as mentioned in the app description, captured video is MJPG which is not playable by default. Android has great limitations on video recording using the SDK and we have to implement our own video encoding code and it turns out MJPG has the least computation intensive and most easy codec!

Ciaran, what device are you using? Muting is implemented and works on all our tested device.

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