Basketball Moves

Basketball Moves
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This app will help you master breaking down defenders off the dribble.

This 20 Level program will break down beginner to advanced dribbling moves. You will learn proper footwork, hand positioning and other tricks that make these moves effective on the court.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of basketball is seeing incredible moves with the ball that leads to memorable plays. Basketball Moves will provide you will the drills and exercises to help you make moves on the court to cross up defenders in your path. At the end of this program, you will be able to react to defenses, choose the appropriate moves to use that will allow you to either pass, shoot, or simply get out of difficult situations.

Variations on the crossover, in-out dribble, behind the back, spin, and many other basketball moves will allow you to deceive defenders in any way you like, provided that you do these move correctly. The crowd will be in awe at your fluidity and grace as you skillfully weave around the defense to make excellent basketball plays. Each of the drills/exercises will bring you closer to creating open shots for yourself or your teammates when you step on the court.

Includes 20 levels of moves to challenge and improve your basketball offensive game!

Beginner levels are for athletes who have never played before.

Intermediate levels are for athletes who have played before (maybe on a varsity team), but who have not yet mastered the game at a pro level.

Advanced levels are for elite athletes that need the most challenging drills in order to take their game to the professional level.

The program is for in season or offseason athletes who are trying to improve or get better. Practice these drills and you will be guaranteed a spot on your varsity team. If you are a professional, practicing these advanced levels can help you gain more playing time. You will learn fundamentals, techniques, and skills that will get your game to a whole new level. Better fundamentals lead to better play and athletes does not out due what skills can do. This app has proven to get players playing with perfect technique — allowing them to dominate their competitions at a pro level.

The program was developed by professional EBA basketball player, Guy Pistone.

App Features:

- Instructional coaching using video and voiceover
- Animated demonstrations with detailed descriptions
- Functionality to track workouts and exercises completed
- Multi-Level Beginner to Advanced Workouts
- Warm Ups, Cool Downs
- Tips, Secrets, Overview of the Workout
- Fitness, sports and recreational events in your city!

Fitivity’s trainers are some of the top athletic professionals in the world. Our staff includes sports and fitness trainers who work with professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who have never exercised before. We understand training and are here to help you improve.

We receive emails everyday from our users who thank us for helping them successfully achieve their goals.

With this program you can accomplish your goals too!

Workout smart with Fitivity.

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