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brightest Torch Light - Flash
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Torch light - flash light
Let your smart phone make life smart and simple for you with this free light a torch app. Yes! now your phone is your magic torch just a touch away, through this app. So every time you search for your seat at a theater go out for a walk @ night, sudden power cut, just remember you got a handy torch in your pocket. Your own pocket size power house at your service, lighting up your life!! lets torch it up

This Torch light app is not just a flash light, its functionality goes beyond fun. It has 5 different types of torch light with various functionality.

About the Torch Magic app:

A powerful torch function
A safety and emergency police light with a loud sound in-case you stuck up in unusual situations.
"Fun light" function, the screen changes its colors each time you tap the screen. This function has all the colors of lights, scientifically it has all the colors of the spectrum just a tap away.
A "white light torch" function which gives out a brightest white light from your screen. Helpful in darkness, late night walks, searching a dark corner or a cupboard etc being the useful means to ends.
"Drum torch light" function has 3 different light drums. gives out sound and light with every tap of your finger. A party time fun funda.

Features of the magic torch app:

Maximizes the brightness of the screen
Changes colors of the flash lights.
Normal torch light
A useful functionality of light effects
Emergency torch light effects
Police flash light effect.
Fun torch light efffect

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