Highway Rider 3D

Highway Rider 3D
(10.023k total ratings on Google Play)
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(10.023k total ratings on Google Play)


Ready, Steady...Go Dhoom!
With bike racing movies releasing just around the corner, the all new Highway Rider 3D lets you test your extreme-speed bike riding skills on the highway aboard the coolest, sharpest two-wheeler on road. Tilt to steer the bike, drive really close to other vehicles to score more and embrace new top speeds to see how far you can go!

Here’s what you get:
★ A snazzy highway death racing bike to call your own
★ Sharp HD graphics in a visually stunning 3D experience
★ Life-life adrenaline rush of driving a bike
★Tilt your phone left and right to dodge vehicles and steer ahead
★Super smooth tilt effect
★Realistic acceleration feature adds to the thrill
★Easy to use dashboard interface
★Built for gaining high speeds like no other asphalt game
★ Challenge your friends and beat their scores

Hey, you Highway Rider!
The dhoom-tastic speed in the air has caught on to you as well. Armed with a fully charged up asphalt race mobike and your helmet in place (yes! A responsible biker never ventures out without one), you are all set to beat the traffic like how!
You read right, this time stakes are high and expectations even higher. What do you get? The thrill of speeding past slow moving cars and trucks and leaving them behind! And it does not come easy. You need to call for your meanest and most fine highway death racing skills to drive close to vehicles and earn extra points. All this while staying away from the obstructions right off the road.
One word of caution: Be careful with your overtaking or passing by BECAUSE crashing hurts!

Wanna know what the gaming world’s been saying about Highway Rider 3D?
★ “Such a powerful dedication to Bike racers!”
★ “Test your skills at asphalt speed biking. I can’t get enough of it.”
★ “So addictive! It’s my favorite fast bike racing game”
★ “I love the way my phone responds to this game. The tilt controls are brilliant!”

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