Educational cards for kids

Educational cards for kids
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This collection of cards will help parents in an active and interesting teaching your children.
Doman cards - this is a great opportunity to acquaint the child with the world, to increase his vocabulary.
From the first days of life to children show a series of cards on different branches of knowledge, from the written word cards with points (mathematics) and ending with images of plants, animals, humans and the great historical events and much more. This exciting educational game for children from birth and for children ages 1 2 3 4 years.
Cards are available in English and Russian languages.

Showing images , adult utters the name of the first , in the future, adding more and more new facts .
For example:
1. orange
2. The fruit of the orange tree
3. Orange belongs to the family Rutaceae , subfamily Citrus
4. Homeland Orange - China
5. Orange - a hybrid produced in antiquity, blending tangerine with a broom .
6. Now grows throughout the Mediterranean coast , attacks , in Central America.

Try to adjust to the rhythm of the nature and temperament of your child - if it needs a long delay , stop , consider a card or vice versa shows them quickly. The main thing in any classroom - it is a pleasure and desire for a child .

Reviews of Glenn Doman method :
"I was engaged by Doman physical development. Really super results
And now ( no longer do, because once I work ) is still ongoing intellectual development , I think it''s much smarter than their peers .
And the son of a friend of 1.5 years had read all the words spoken , he knew all the letters in 2 years - all shapes and colors, climbing EVERYWHERE , in short , the boy is developing year by two.
I actually followed her and became involved Doman cards , the benefit of my one and a half years younger . "

" I started to deal cards at home with seven month baby. After two days of our classes , I became convinced that the kid really thinks . At that time we were drobi.Togda I began to introduce a little bit of geometry , and mathematical problems that the boy was reading and proreshival ! Even Grandma believed in the technique when Ivan read (at that time he was not yet able to speak ) on the fence about the ad vicious dog . he showed his hand at him and loudly zagavkal . parents of other children mentioned in the boy not only its development, intellectual curiosity , but also the ability to communicate both with peers and with adults . Now he is three years. Boy kind, sympathetic , clever . Ivan is not a genius , not a child prodigy . ''s not the point . most important thing in a child builds confidence in their own strength . Through the wonderful hours in the classroom with baby , you''re my mother, not only to open up the world around him , but give much more of their love , attention, what you need so your baby ! "

As a scientist , a neurophysiologist , Glen Doman discovered and proved the most important law : the brain grows and develops only if it works. And the more intense strain on the brain child in the early years of his life, the better it will develop his intelligence.

The program includes the following categories: Geometric shapes, Musical Instruments , Vegetables, Planets of the Solar System , Mathematics : account , Fruits and Berries, Exploring Color , Flowers, Birds , Pets, Cooking , Construction , continents , Furniture, Nature Nuts, Bodies human , natural phenomena , Professions , Sea residents , Sports, Europe , Home Appliances , Toys , Transportation , Wildlife.
Cards quite colorful and interesting for the child ''s eye.

Free of charge, designed for tablets and phones Android 2.2 and higher, in English

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