Hand Shadows - Games for Kids

Hand Shadows - Games for Kids
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(690 total ratings on Google Play)


The figures on the wall at the hands!
Depict animal figures on the wall the shadows of hands - one of the most fun games for young children.
The kids love to look at the shadows of animals. If you move your hands - the shadows come to life.
This game shadows delights children.
Role-play with children in the shadow theater is very useful for the development of fine motor skills of the child, especially in the early years.
There is something mystical about the play of light and shadow, it is simple enough, in general, the show, charming and fascinating for generations of children and adults.

Shadowgraphy or ombromanie is the art of performing a story or show using images made by hand shadows. It can be called "cinema in silhouette". Performers of the art are often called a shadowgraphist or shadowgrapher.
The art has declined since the late 19th century when electricity became available to homes because light bulbs and electric lamps do not give off good shadows and also because cinema and television were becoming a new form of entertainment. Shadows are greatly defined by candlelight and therefore hand shadows were common in earlier centuries.

Want to learn how to do by hand shapes of the shadows? Swing application, it assembled a large collection of shadow theater with their hands.
The program includes a lot of animals (swan, cat, dog, wolf, pig, rabbit, bear, heron, kangaroo, eagle, elephant, snail, deer, goose, alligator, frog, and others) and silhouettes of people.
Favorite images can be stored on a memory card. With this program, children can draw a lot of animals.

Do you want to cheer up your kid? Show him the amazing shadows live animals or humans.
Your son or daughter will be delighted.
Nearly all the pieces all you need - it''s own hands and ordinary light bulb.
Application is ad-supported(Airpush);

With folded hands, as shown in one of the drawings, schemes of this program, get up against the wall so that the shadow of the trunk, head and shoulders does not obscure the shadow of hand, and on the wall there will be shadows of animals goats, dogs, rabbits, etc. If you lift a finger, the shadow animal opens his mouth, the dog barks, the rabbit zamashet paws. If the thumb cap has been made of paper, it is possible to make rabbit ears from the scheme longer, and you have a donkey. You can play with children of different scenes, for example, a dog barks, a goat threatens her butt. The shadows are clear, the light should fall directly and not to the side, and the lamp should not be close, but in two or three meters away from the wall.

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