Flight control

Flight control
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Feel the thrill of being aboard a fighter, a bomber or helicopter gunships, with the best images for 3D backgrounds.

Customize your desktop, like a flight simulator it were, simulating the cockpit, controls and control of a real fighter.

The flight deck is the area of ​​the front of an aircraft in which the flight crew, pilot and copilot mainly controls the aircraft.

The cockpit of an aircraft contains the instruments and controls that allow the pilot to fly, steer and land the device. In most commercial aircraft, a door separating the cockpit from the passenger cabin. After the Attacks of September 11, 2001, the major airlines have taken steps to fortify the cockpit in order to avoid any possible kidnapping.

Most have glass cockpits protectors of sunshine and one or more windows that can be opened while the plane is on the ground.

Military aviation includes human and material resources that make up a nation''s air force. The military aviation concept involves the use of aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) for military purposes, either to attack the enemy as to support friendly forces within a given tactical and strategic framework.

Military aviation also covers everything that is related to the flights of attack and defense, reconnaissance and surveillance, transport, rescue, and the like, as well as control systems and monitoring these.

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Images like Bombshells, Helidroid Battle 3D Jets: Jet Simulator, Solar War and other war games of aircraft.

The images in this application are obtained through licensing. Contact us for more information.

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