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Are you looking for free ringtones and flute music download? In Flute Music Ringtones Free we have collected the best flute music online; you will find a wide range of flute songs in this relaxing music app for android!

The flute is the earliest known musical instruments in the world. This app consists of flute instrumental music only; you will find soft music from all types of flutes and cultures. Use these relaxing sounds as meditation music or stress reliever ringtone!

Below you will find examples of different open hole flutes that has been used for thousands of years to play folk music and in more recent years classical music. Geography and resources decided material used to construct flute instruments and affected the sound effects that they produce.

The Bamboo flute is mainly used in Asia and India:

The Indian flute developed independently of influences from other regions, they are very simple in construction and keyless. Traditional Indian flute music is divided in regions dependent on flutes used in the specific parts of India, with examples like Krishna flute music and Hindi flute music.

The Japanese flute and traditional wind instruments are named Fue after the Japanese language word for flute. These flutes produce a higher shrill tone that also affected the flute songs of traditional Japanese flute music.

The Chinese flute tradition have an own group for the bamboo flute played as transverse flute horizontal named Xiao. This is a typical ancient Chinese musical instrument that is used in much of the oldest known traditional Chinese flute music.

The Wooden flute is mainly used in Europe and North America:

Simple wooden flutes used in Europe in early years are much alike and closely related. The Irish flute (or Celtic flute) has its origin in other parts of Europe but had a strong impact on traditional Irish music; the Irish flute music tradition was brought along on the emigration to America.

The Native American flute is of a different construction with separate air chambers inside. The construction gave more variations of sound, and tuning, which also affected the Native American flute music.

The Pan flute is traditionally made of bamboo or wood:

The pan flute got its name from Greek mythology and the god Pan. It has a different structure, then the normal one pipe open hole flute, with five or more attached pipes of increasing length. The pan flute can be made of different materials due to the fact that the flute is part of traditional music in many parts of the world. Pan flute music is often associated with South America and Peruvian flute music, but can be found in many parts of the world.

Play as bedtime children songs, relaxing music or just enjoy good flute ringtones with flute music free download!

This app consists of flute music mp3 ringtones for android only.

Flute Ringtones Features:

- Set as ringtones for android / contact flute ringtone / alarm sounds / SMS tones
- Set timer to play the sound
- Set widget button of favorite sounds on your home screen

Legal Info:

Sounds used in Flute Music Ringtones Free app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license.

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