FrostWire - File Downloader

FrostWire - File Downloader
(44.574k total ratings on Google Play)
FrostWire.com / Video
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(44.574k total ratings on Google Play)


FrostWire is a native BitTorrent Client & Cloud File Downloader for your Android phone or tablet.

With built in file search, music player, media browser and local Wi-Fi sharing you won''t need to leave the app to download, play and share files.

- Built in torrent & cloud search.
- One-tap download.
- Easily filter search results by file type: Music, Video, Images, Applications, Documents, Torrents.
- No artificial limitations on simultaneous downloads.
- No limitations on upload/download speeds.
- Wi-Fi only mode available, save money on your data plan.
- Extensive download management options.
- Built in media browser (rename and delete your files from within the app)
- Built in audio player with gesture support (control your player when driving or running without looking at your phone)
- Easy File Sharing on Local Wi-Fi between all devices running FrostWire (transfer files wirelessly from Desktop to your phone and back or between mobile devices)
- Integration with FrostWire for Desktop (Windows, Mac & Linux Devices) - http://www.frostwire.com/downloads
- UPnP and NAT-PMP support
- Local Peer Discovery.
- Select Storage Location (Internal Storage or SD Card).
- Kindle HD Compatible.
- It''s Open Source, join us at http://github.com/frostwire/frostwire-android

Your feedback is very important to us!

Please file a support request if you need any help, want to report a bug or just ask a question.
Google Play comments and one star ratings don’t give us the opportunity to help you! Most downloading issues are related to your internet connection or device and we can easily advise how to fix most of the issues.

You can also check our Knowledge Base http://bit.ly/1aAzcIw or get support from our online Community Forum http://forum.frostwire.com

We are very active on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FrostwireOfficial and Twitter https://twitter.com/frostwire Come and talk to us!

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