Match 3 Quest: Valiant Ally

Match 3 Quest: Valiant Ally
(15.626k total ratings on Google Play)
furry / Puzzle
Downloads: 100k
(15.626k total ratings on Google Play)


Match 3 and Bejeweled fans meet an amazing mix of puzzle and role-playing genres. Create your unique summoner, collect beasts and compete with your friends to save the Wonderland.

• Super responsive, fast paced and plays well even on a small screen.
• No need to wait for an opponent''s move, you''re always in control and proactive.
• Play offline anywhere on your mobile phone, you don''t need Internet all the time.
• Beast evolution features (each beast can be upgraded 4 times).
• More than 50 skills available to learn and master.
• Fight against other players and be the best summoner of the Wonderland!

★★★★★ Still learning the ins and outs of the game but great game so far, much better than puzzles and dragons.
★★★★★ Great game with combo of match 3 and beast leveling. Able to get everything without paying money. Really fun!
★★★★★ Fun, adictive, play at your own pace without penalty, easy to get gems, no internet needed, AND all the match 3 fun I was searching for! A lot of skills. Awesome game. Awesome concept.

With your help, we''re creating an exciting experience for mobile devices. You can play this game anywhere - any time.

Our plans:
• New levels and more beasts in the Wonderland.
• Cooperative quests (party with another summoner, invite a friend to be your ally).
• Unique "Match 3" play modes, new experiences.
• New ranks of beasts above Epic.
• More skills for your summoner to master.

★★★★★ RPG elements sets it aside from games like Bejeweled and its clones. Love the beast upgrades!
★★★★★ I downloaded this game and fell in love immediately. Love the art and how it feels like two or three gaming genres put together. Great app, runs perfectly on my Galaxy tab 3
★★★★★ Extremely impressed with the customer service and responsiveness of the developer. A lot of unique skills. This game rocks. Thank you so much.

We really need some feedback from you. And we''ll make "Match 3 Quest: Valiant Ally" the best "Match 3" game ever. Collect the most powerful beasts, train your summoner, dominate the Wonderland!

★★★★★ Ive been looking for puzzle games like this it really amazed me when i downloaded and started playing it. Offline with online support= awesome! Keep it up devs!
★★★★★ I''m so glad I''ve found a match-3 with high replay value and the ability to play offline as often as I want.
★★★★★ Unlike other similar game. This is well polished fast loading times, offline mode, numerous skills, nice wonderland views and beast pics.... Really well done to the team behind it

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