Linux Installer STANDARD

Linux Installer STANDARD
(1200 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


* Need root * only 50MiB to download * down to 180MiB disk space used * no need to partition * no need to remove Android *

PLEASE USE DEBIAN INSTED OF UBUNTU !!! (Support only for Debian, Ubuntu only for real advanced users).

The GUI is handled by "Linux Installer Advanced" version !

Please, if you encounter any issue, send a bug report. Click on console, wait 1mn for the console to appear, then Menu, Mail, and send.

This application will allow you to install a complete Debian distribution in your Android device. Based on chroot, it will perform a standard debootstrap and install a legacy Debian so that you can install, and run any classic Linux command, tool, daemon or service.

The package has few limitations; it is not restricted to Debian; we already offer the choice to use Ubuntu, and will add more distributions in close future. Each distribution is available in several tastes (stable, testing ...). It will not require to reboot; chroot is run inside Android. Installation can be done on any storage device, either on SD card, or inernal memory; no need to repartition any thing, run mkfs or fdisk. We do with what you let use. If you have almost nothing, the package will manage with almost nothing; if you can afford for a large ext4 partition on your SD card, the package will be happy to use it.

It will allow you to install all classic LAMP services like Apache, MySql, PHP, Samba, Netatalk, or just any classic Linux tool like vim, xterm, aterm, Abiword, Firefox, dillo, wget, cron, Perl, Python ... just everything.

Package utilisation will require a rooted device.

Reasons to install this package can not be listed. Just too many: want a cron daemon ? want to have gcc inside your phone ? want to recompile some kernel driver because the legacy Android driver for your Wi-Fi card has is bogus or limited ? want to use vim, or the real full featured desktop ls, ip, nmap, or top commands ? this package will give you all this for free, and much much more.

- an Android device based on some Linux kernel
- a rooted environment
- 300M free space
That''s all.

Only 50MiB to download for a basic Debian, and down to 180MiB space used if you select the Directory method.

Optionnal registration on our website, http://android.galoula.com/LinuxInstall/Register.php , will allow you to use advanced management features, and install package from within the application interface. You will not need to type any strange command in any terminal. And you will be able to make some services start automaticly at phone boot, and/or application start.

Online documentation: http://android.galoula.com/en/LinuxInstall/
Quick installation guide: http://android.galoula.com/en/LinuxInstall/QuickTutorial.html

The interface have been completely redesigned, and the English language have been rewritten. Any one who feels like translating is welcome to contact us. Even the French language part should be re-translated from English.

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