Jungle Animal Fury

Jungle Animal Fury
(2600 total ratings on Google Play)
GDay Tech / Action
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(2600 total ratings on Google Play)


NOTE: In real life, animals should not be killed for the sake of sport or fun. This game assumes that you have to survive this deadly jungle by shooting the animals with tranquilizers.

If you long to feel the thrill of the hunt without dragging yourself up from the couch, the best hunting Jungle Fury android game might do the trick. This game allows you to load, aim and fire at your unsuspecting virtual prey and experience the rush of victory as you kill your target–all without hurting a single creature.

Prepare yourself for the most realistic hunting experience ever. It offers realistic gameplay that requires strategy and stealth. You would also have to brave dynamic weather conditions such as rain, wind and fog. You must defend yourself from the vicious attacks of rampaging porcine beasts (Lion, Elephants, Cunning Fox, Zebras, Grizzly Bears, Swamp Alligators and more) in this wild shoot-em-up. It has stunning outdoor graphics and realism. It requires more tracking strategy than more simplistic, point-and-shoot games.

This best hunting game for Android offers realistic scenarios where you can sharpen your shooting skills. You’ll be sucked into heart-pounding situations which require you to stay calm, keep a steady hand and take aim at your prize. All of the delights listed here will transport you to fantastic outdoor arenas that are packed to the hilt with all sorts of wild animals.

How to Play:

- Radar Vision provided for direction detection and range proximity calculation.
- You can take assistance from the rifle scope for a better and close view of your target. The icon will appear on the right hand side of your touch screen.
- Press fire button when ready to shoot. The button appears at the right hand side of your screen.
- Easy maneuverability and movement control through joypad on the left hand side of your screen

Game Features:

1. Embark upon a bone-chilling Hunting adventure
2. This engaging action title provides adventure enthusiasts with a spectacular natural environment and balanced firearm
3. The arcade-style gem lets you shoot at animals like the prize whitetail buck, grizzly bear, salt water Crocodiles, Hippos and a variety of other animals
4. Killer and impressive 3D graphics
5. Captivating soundtrack
6. Free to download
7. Realistic weather effects, natural environmental sounds, an appropriate musical score and normal-mapped materials

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