Dragon Monster Defense 2 Games

Dragon Monster Defense 2 Games
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2400 total ratings on Google Play)


Dragon monster defense is a popular and free tower defense game. Over 1 million dowoloads in this series!
Several new features are added: Legendary Weapons, Demonic Dragon and exciting new stages.
New Event "Meteor Swarm" is open. Let''s get the mystical weapon after the event.
The demoniac dragon and powerful monsters are attacking your castle!
Upgrade your guns and special skills and shoot to defend from the monsters!

The creatures nearby used to live peacefully with your castle.
But one day, an evil dragon came up and charmed the monsters.
The Monsters began to destroy all the villages and finally came for you.

Hand Gun : Basic gun. This is your default weapon.
Holy Cross-bow : Shooting with Holy arrows.
Machinegun : Good for rapid fire.
Fire Gun : Fire element Gun. Shoots a spreadfire shot.
Sniper Rifle : Make powerful pin-point shots from long range.
Grenade Launcher : High destruction power.
Bazooka : Use this to blow away powerful enemies.
Rocket Launcher : Powerful weapon with high abilities.
Gatling Gun : Destroy enemies with rapid fire shots.
Railgun : The ultimate weapon.
Excalibur : Legendary gun of King Arthur.
Ragnarok : Legendary Divine Dragon killing gun.

Thunderbolt : Attack by striking lightning onto monsters.
ShortMine : Sets mines near the fortress which explode when monsters come too close.
LaserBeam : Shoots lasers and demolishes anything within range.
Bombing: Drops bombs to blow up monsters.

Vampire, Mummy, Zombie, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Skeleton Pirate, Dark Golem, Legend Dragon, Blue Dragon, Master Bahamut and more..

Barrier : Bind and damage monsters that come too close.

You can upgrade your WEAPONS and SPECIAL Skills by using GEMs and be a Veteran soldier.
Get GEMs by destroying the monsters or buy them online.

#Guide Character
He is an expert defender.
Every time you finish the stage, he will give you advice on how to win effectively.

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