Awesome Shape Puzzles for Kids

Awesome Shape Puzzles for Kids
(470 total ratings on Google Play)
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(470 total ratings on Google Play)


★ Let learning become your children''s favourite pastime with this fun shape puzzle game that doubles as a picture dictionary featuring more than 150 new words!
★ Play Awesome Shape Puzzles 123 in more languages! Kids will Have fun learning new words in different languages including: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Swedish, Chinese Mandarin and Italian.
★ Multiple play modes to choose from, including a basic shape fitting mode, an easy mode with 2-4 piece puzzles and a hard mode with 7-10 piece puzzles.

Discover an enjoyable way of learning first words with this originally illustrated shape puzzle created especially for young kids aged 1 to 6. Children will have a blast playing with dancing dolphins, flying airplanes, roaring dinosaurs and more, all the while developing problem solving and shape, pattern, and color recognition skills.

Choose from 12 different categories of everyday words (including numbers and letters) and for each object, drag the scrambled puzzle pieces to their right place to complete the picture. Once completed, the object''s name will be spelled onscreen and read aloud. For each successfully completed puzzle, kids will be rewarded with a new sticker to add to his/her collection!

Accompanied by a friendly voice guidance, children are encouraged to play and learn at their own pace. Multiple play modes allow even the youngest children to learn and explore with a basic shape-fitting mode, an easy puzzle mode, and a hard puzzle mode for the bigger kids.

Awesome Shape Puzzles 123 is the latest all new educational app to join the much-loved Jigsaw Puzzles 123 family which has been among the best-selling kids games all over the world, also available on Google Play Store.

✔ Child-friendly interface specifically designed for small fingers
✔ More than 150 shape puzzles to solve and new words to learn in the full version
✔ Multiple game modes, designed for kids : ‘single piece’ (whole objects), ‘easy puzzle’ (2-4 piece) and ‘hard puzzle’ (7-10 piece)
✔ Balloon Pop! Pop as many balloons as you can! A fun little reward for finished puzzles
✔ Bonus sticker book fun designed for kids
✔ A Demo Button that enables auto-fill for optional assistance, as well as Helpful voice guidance to help kids along the way.

Categories featured in the full version of Awesome Shape Puzzles 123 include:
✚ My First Shapes – Squares, circles, triangles, pentagons, and more.
✚ Dinoland – All your kids favourite dinosaurs!
✚ Fruity Fun – Apple, strawberry, pear and all their yummy friends.
✚ Veggie Party – Let''s not forget the veggies! Pumpkin, peas, carrots and more.
✚ Toy Wonderland – All our beloved childhood friends. Teddy bear, robot, doll, and more.
✚ Busy Wheels – Helicopters, motorcycles and other cool vehicles.
✚ Ocean Adventure – The exciting world under the sea and all its amazing creatures.
✚ Band Jam! - Learn all the musical instruments.
✚ Silly Billy Farm – Old farmer and all your farm animal friends!
✚ Playground Fun – Slides, merry-go-rounds, swings and more.
✚ My Alphabet Book – Featuring letters A to Z.
✚ Numbers and Me – Featuring numbers 1 to 20.
✚...more categories coming in free future updates!

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