Badminton Smash 3D

Badminton Smash 3D
(17.109k total ratings on Google Play)
Giraffe Games Limited / Sport games
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(17.109k total ratings on Google Play)


Realistic Physics, Beautiful 3D Graphics and a Fast Pace of Real Badminton make this the Best Badminton Game for Mobile. Swipe your finger to Drive, Drop or Smash the ball in the direction you want, it feels like Real Badminton!

- Fast Paced feeling of Real Badminton
- Realistic Physics
- Intuitive One Finger Controls
- 16 different opponents
- Career Mode
- Shop
- Badminton League
- Three tournaments including Friendly Badminton Tournament, Badminton World Cup


How To Play:

Swipe your finger to hit the Badminton shuttlecock. Timing is critical in this Badminton Game: the better you time your shots, faster and more precise the Badminton shots will be. Badminton ball flies in the direction of your swipe. The more horizontal shots will land closer to the net, while the vertical shots will fly further away from the net. Varying the distance of Badminton shots is a powerful tactics in this Badminton Game.

The player moves automatically towards the shuttlecock, when his position is good it can jump to Smash the Badminton ball. Badminton Smash is a particularly effective shot that can reach the most speed. Use other shots like drop and drive with varying directions to force your opponent to make a mistake and set yourself up for a Smash Badminton shot.

You can buy upgrades in the Sports Shop that can increase your players Badminton Skills. Shoes increase your players speed and jump height. And Rackets increase shoot speed and decrease the penalty for bad timing. Your Badminton Game gets faster and faster as you buy more upgrades.

You play against opponents for different countries situated on a 3D Earth Globe. Victory against each opponent is enough to pass the stage. But score difference gets you more stars for each level. Try to complete each level with all three stars. Maybe it will be difficult at first, but as you progress in your Badminton Skill and buy new upgrades it should be possible to finish each level with perfect 3 stars.

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