Glow Ovulation Period Tracker

Glow Ovulation Period Tracker
(4300 total ratings on Google Play)
Glow Inc / Health
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(4300 total ratings on Google Play)


Glow is the most accurate ovulation calculator and period tracker.

More than just a period diary or fertility calendar. Whether you’re trying to conceive, avoiding pregnancy, or just tracking your period, Glow’s data science learns from your menstrual cycle, and gives you accurate, personalized predictions of your fertile window and future period dates.

“This is the best period tracker I have found. Love this app!” - Rae0189
“I had pink pad for years, I decided a change would be good, glow is brilliant! It''s very useful and accurate!” - Kaalouise
“I attribute our 2 year infertility battle to poor timing, and our success of pregnancy all to Glow!” - Mandy H

★ Glow is FREE and will always be free
★ Glow has no in-app advertising
★ Unlike other period trackers and ovulation trackers, Glow will never charge you extra for our premium features


Glow is the most accurate fertility calendar and ovulation calculator
• Day-by-day predictions of your chance of pregnancy!
• Ovulation tracker: check your next fertile window and future ovulation dates
• Daily tips to help you get pregnant faster

Glow is the easiest menstrual calendar and period calculator
• A super simple period log
• All your data on a beautiful period calendar
• Our period calculator predicts, forecasts and helps track your menstruation cycles, even for irregular periods

Glow is your personal period diary, whether you’re trying to conceive (TTC) or just tracking your menstrual cycle.

• Fertility calendar to see your next period cycle, fertile days, and ovulation dates

• Track a ton of data: period days, menstrual cycle, fertile days, intercourse, weight, basal body temperature (BBT), cervical mucus (CM), BMI, moods, cramps, birth control and contraception, exercise, spotting, period flow, period symptoms, notes, and more

• Beautiful and interactive fertility charts: ovulation chart, BBT chart, weight chart, cervical mucus chart

• Personalized insights about your health, fertility and ovulation based on your period cycle and your data

• Helpful reminders and fun suggestions to help improve your reproductive health and fertility

• Daily recommendations based on your cycle day and symptoms

• Mirror app for your partner, so that they too can track your cycle and fertile window

• Synced data entry: both you and your partner can enter data to forecast your period dates, ovulation dates and fertile window

• Receive support from your partner, whether you’re trying to get pregnant, avoiding pregnancy, or just period tracking

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