Hit the Drums

Hit the Drums
(9700 total ratings on Google Play)
Gorn / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 1.0M
(9700 total ratings on Google Play)


Hit the Drums the best Android drumming app and game!

Acoustic drum set and game in one! Learn drum patterns in a fun way!

* acoustic drum set
* another acoustic drum set
* electronic drum set
* studio sound quality
* real drum sets recorded in studio
* unique music (rock, blues, metal)
* 30+ examples of rhytms (3 times more than any other drum set app!)
* play with music to learn
* unlike other games (Cytus or Osu) you hear when you miss the note
* multitouch
* dubstep free (no hate!)

You shoud try Hit the Drums if you are not amused any more by arcade games based on spring physics or racing to climb the hill? Hit the Drums breaks with the gameplay based on hitting some markers that have nothing to do with the melody line. Did you miss real sounds of instruments while playing Guitar Hero? You will definitely enjoy this game! Master some of the most popular drum patterns and become a super star! Enjoy the best quality drum samples and guitar songs. For the best user experience we suggest using headphones.
Hit the Drums when world needs more than just a hero!

And if that is not enough you can earn and spend your drumsticks for some extra features like:
* more levels
* drum skins
* crazy backgrounds (ever played for birds in the forest or rotting souls in hell)
* skip a level if its too difficult

Similar titles: Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Rock Band, Rock Revolution, Osu, Cytus
Tags: drums, drumset, real drum set, rock, metal, blues, game, drum pad, drumpad

Saying that the game is similar to Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons or Angry Birds Rio is too much, but... hey! You know what? It was published the same day as Angry Birds Space. We''ve heard that Amazing Alex tried to build a drum set similar to Hit the Drums'' one, but no one has seen it so far. We think that Bad Piggies tried to use it to build a plane. Bad, bad Piggies!

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