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Black Google Search
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Black Google Search - the fastest way to save battery life and search the web and your phone with the help of an HD 3D widget!
Text and voice (iphone Siri like) Google Black Search and 3D widgets for a seamless user experience. Full OS integration allows you to extend battery life using a Black Google search and benefit from mobile data saver features.

After install you will have the "B" square app icon in your app list. Just place the Black Google icon on your home screen. To use the browser rather than any of the 3D widgets, there is a "B" star icon. Blackl can be used as a 3D launcher for searches using the 3D widget. You are able to save battery life and reduce mobile data using the Black Google 3D widget as a 3D launcher for searches.

Google Black Search the way you like it! We recommend the Black Google HD 3D widget to extend battery life speedy use and low mobile data usage especially for people on limited mobile data plans.

To use the HD 3D widgets:
- Long press empty space on the home screen
- Select Widgets
- Select the 3D widget Google Search: Black
- Select the 3D widget size (4x1 works best on most phones - make sure you have room on your screen). Several 3D widgets are available with the 3D launcher for searches.

While you''re at it you can also check blackl.com, and set it as your homepage for your home / work computer.

Blackl''s Google black cse search uses a dark Google background enabling you to save battery life while keeping Google''s search quality and speed. You can perform Black Google searches by typing or by using voice commands (like Siri on the iphone). Being hosted on renewable energy Blackl is proud to be the world''s most sustainable search engine.
Search the web and your phone with the app and 3D widgets that will make all your friends jealous (ever wanted to have the best app and Siri functions like an iphone?).
Get Google Black search results plus query and web site suggestions from the 3D widget. Get instant results for weather, stock quotes, local businesses, and more from your 3D launcher for searches!
Blackl''s 3D widgets are able to search apps, contacts and the web using voice commands. Same as the iphone Siri voice assistant, just using a Black Google search rather than Wolfram Alpha(plus, you extend battery life and save on mobile data).

(Google Negro / Google Schwarz / Google Noir)
Blackl is a certifiable green website through renewable energy powered black Google searches. This is achieved by means of wind-generated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Blackl''s dedication to provide the best possible black Google search experience is also applied to environmental responsibility. Severely improved since the old Blackle days we are strongly committed to continue stopping the annual release of approximately 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide(1000''s over forestle / ecosia / cuil / ixquick). To put this number into perspective, the benefit is equivalent to planting nearly 2,390 acres of trees or preventing the environmental damage caused by 6.1 million miles of driving.
The usage of a mobile data saver Black Google search allows us to ensure that users are not only able to extend battery life but also contribute to renewable energy development.

Tests have been carried out for dark Google search on Android versions 2.2 up to ice cream sandwich. The 3D widgets can be used as a 3D launcher for searches. The HD 3D launcher for searches can be used as a tablet widget too. Some android roms may not be able to follow the search links. This is related to your Android version having been changed by the carrier or manufacturer and not the app. Google black search is not possible on some devices due to this situation. Iphone Siri like commands need Google''s voice search(free on the market) to perform Siri actions like the iphone.

Black Google ™ search using a Google black cse.
™ GOOGLE is a trademark of Google.
Siri ™ is a trademark of Apple ™.

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