Heads Up - Guess it !

Heads Up - Guess it !
(390 total ratings on Google Play)
GoodApp4U / Puzzle
Downloads: 100k
(390 total ratings on Google Play)


This Is The Free Version Of Heads Up With Limited Function!

For Full Version:
-> VIDEO RECORDING FUNCTION (First Android Heads Up App with Video Recording Function)
-> 6 categories are playable and a total of about 2000 words to guess.
-> More words will be added to the 3 free playable categories to guess.

So why not try the free version, and if you love it then download the full version for more fun!
Download To Enjoy Full Package Of The Game For Just $0.99 (Limited Time Only!!!)

A great entertainment for you and your friends. Not a moment to get bored and great for all ages.

The charade/heads up choices are well known and simple to use. 6 categories and 9 unlockable categories that you can play with your friends and see who''s better at it.

Heads Up - Guess it! is a great entertainment for you and your friends.


In order to start the game, u need to place the device vertically upright.

What if there is nothing happened after you placed the device vertically upright?
-> Perform "Set Orientation" as your device might be different from the default orientation setting!!!

There’s 2 ways to play this game so make sure to read the instructions or better yet, make up your own set of rules, any rules.

Don’t forget to have fun and happy heads up!

How to Play:

Game 1:
Try to guess as many words correctly as possible.
-> Your buddy will give you hints to assist you to find the correct word.
-> Tilt your device downward when you make a correct guess
-> Tilt you device upward when you want to pass on to the next card.

Game 2:
-> Teams are composed of 2 members or more: One who will guess the words and the rest is the one who will respond to the guesser.
-> The responder will pick a category for the guesser.
-> You will be given 2 minutes only to guess the words as many and as fast as you can until the clock runs out. (The timer will start automatically once you place the phone on your forehead.)
-> The one who will respond must only say: YES, NO, and MAYBE. (There will be no other words to answer or else you have to skip to the next word.)
-> When the clock runs out, the game is stopped and you will note the number of words guessed. (Teams compete against each other to have the most guessed words and win the game.)

Disclaimer: Not associated with Ellen''s Heads Up! on iPhone.

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