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Sudoku bout
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(260 total ratings on Google Play)


One problem that does not overlap with 17500 created 5,000 different combinations of problems, a total of more than 22,5000 Sudoku problems are provided.

Sudoku is the definitive.

Sudoku is a number from 1 through 9 will be filling in 9x9 grid. Rules for how to fill the number in each region must not overlap.
Seudokueseo area is what we call the row, column, or 3x3 block, one of the means. Thus, the number in each row do not overlap each other, and each columns.
1-9 In addition, a number 3x3 block must not overlap.

Support a variety of Sudoku

The basic form of Sudoku bout seudokuwa provides various types of Sudoku.
There are two kinds of games when you start a new grid styles and the five additional areas are offered in various forms, depending on which one you choose, you can play Sudoku.


Two types of grid styles are available:
  - The standard form of a grid of
    The grid is divided into 3x3 blocks.

  - In the form of a curved grid
    In standard form of a grid of nine rectangular blocks are provided. In contrast, the grid in the form of a curved rather than rectangular block 9 is provided.
The area of ​​each block are depicted as thick lines are easily distinguishable. Of course, each block of numbers from 1 to 9 must appear only once.

Additional areas

Sudoku game adds a few rules of the area will be added.
There are four types of additional areas:

  - None
    Sudoku is a basic form. Nine in the form of rectangular or curved blocks are provided. 9 blocks in rows and columns of numbers from 1-9 without duplicates is required.

  - X-Sudoku
    Diagonal in the number in the range of 1-9 must be entered only once. X-seudokueseoneun diagonal line corresponding to the diagonal cells marked with different colors are easily distinguishable.

  - Hyper-Sudoku
    Hyper-seudokueseoneun four additional areas will be highlighted. Rows and columns in this area, with each block number in the range of 1-9 should be entered only once.

  - Percent - Sudoku
    Percent - seudokueneun% (percent) is the appearance of additional areas. Of course, the added area is a number between 1-9 must be entered only once.

  - Color - Sudoku
    Color - seudokueseoneun nine additional areas are provided. Is added to distinguish each area is highlighted in color and number in the range of 1-9 cells of the same color must not be duplicated.

Level of difficulty

Sudoku offers a round of five levels. Easy, medium, challenging, difficult, very difficult, so the five levels are available. Seudokuboda bent seudokuneun standard can be viewed generally more difficult.

10 different game types, and five of difficulty, and each type of difficulty per puzzle by providing a total of 100 offers more than 5,000 puzzles that can be seen.

Input mode
Sudoku bout to enter the numbers there are a variety of ways.

  - Select a cell and then select the number
    Select a cell in the desired location and the number pad on the bottom of the screen to select the desired number. When you first select the cells selected cell is highlighted. If you want to delete the selected cell value by pressing the C button.

Invert button to reverse the current cell''s value is used. If the cell does not work for any number of you are very convenient.

  - After selecting a cell, select the number
The number pad on the bottom of the screen to select a number from the first touch is the way the cells. The touch cell will enter the selected number.

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