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This is a fieldtest/netmonitor application for UMTS/GSM/LTE/CDMA/EVDO network.

The application monitors the serving CELLID, LEVEL, QUAL, MCC, MNC, LAC, technology, cell serving time and neighbor cells CELLID/PSC and LEVEL.

LEVEL and QUAL depend on technology:
- 3G - RSCP and ECNO
- 4G - RSRP and RSRQ

Only for 4G also SNR and CQI are monitored

Measurement availability depends on the phone.
Check phone measurement capabilities - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/survey/surveyresults.php

If LEVEL is -200dBm or less that means your device does not report correctly and you have to search for a software update from your device manufacturer. Anyway you can still use the app for logging the call and data transfer statistics.

G-NetTrack manual - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/manuals/gnettrack_manual.php

G-NetWorld - webservice for browsing the measurements sent from G-NetTrack users - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/G-NetWorld/G-NetWorld.php

The measurements are uploaded:
- online - by allowing it in G-NetTrack - Menu - Settings - G-NetWorld - Send Measurements Online (requires internet connection)
- offline - by uploading a file manually from the G-NetTrack (Menu-More-Upload File) or going to upload page

G-NetDiag - online tool for visualization and postprocessing of text log files is available - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/G-NetDiag/G-NetDiag.html

There are two modes in which app could be used - instant and log modes.

1. Instant mode - this is a quick mode for fast measurements
- start the app
- enable the mapview (Menu - Enable Map and GPS)
- select measurement (LEVEL, QUAL, CELLID, DL-bitrate, UL-bitrate, Speed)
- when you finish with measurements you can export the observed measurement to kml or take a screenshot.

2. Log mode - this is more sophisticated mode. During the log mode the screen should be on in order serving cell to be updated. You can also start optionally voice and data sequences (that''s why you see in the app permissions "Services that cost you money - Directly call phone numbers") in order to monitor the network for blocked and dropped calls and to measure upload and download bitrate. Don''t lock the phone while the log is running.
- start the app
- select what measurements you want to log (Menu-Settings)
- start log (Menu - Start Log)
- the app starts to create kml and text tab export for the selected measurements
- it also creates event kml and text file - for cell reselections, handovers, Call Start, Call End, Call Drop, Call Block
- when you are finished with measurements press End Log button
- you can find kml exports and tab exports in folder G-NetTrack_Logs on sdcard

Data Test:
1. Input the ping, upload and download URL in Settings.
2. Select: Menu - More - Data Test

There are two automatic sequences VOICE and DATA that can be performed:
1. VOICE - it includes
- Voice call to predefined number with predefined duration
- Pause with predefined duration
During the VOICE sequence the following stats are calculated:
- successful calls
- blocked calls
- dropped calls
2. DATA - it includes:
- 10 seconds ping
- 10 seconds upload
- 10 seconds download
During the DATA sequence the following stats are calculated:
average ping
- min ping
- max ping
- ping standard deviation
- ping loss
- upload bitrate
- download bitrate

If you have information about the sites you can create cellfile and you can view sites on map - see the screenshots. Put the file in the folder G-NetTrack_Logs/cellfile.

KML log file can be used with Google Earth or G-NetLook in order easily to view measurement results.
Text log file can be used with G-NetDiag.

- CELLFIND - records the location determined by Google geolocation server based on cellid measurements and draws the location and location accuracy (as circle) in cellfind kml file.
- CELLHUNTER Mode - when turned on only the cells that are missing in the cellfile are logged in the exported files

For more information go to www.gyokovsolutions.com

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