Hamster Run

Hamster Run
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Happy Mage / Puzzle
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(2900 total ratings on Google Play)


Hamster Run App Description [Forest Theme]

Kick up dust and run around in circles through the lush rainforests of Madagascar in this high-octane running game! Hamster Run is a FREE action-packed running game that will test your speed, agility, and persistence! It’s scurrying-around fun for everyone, children and adults!

In the forest, the mighty forest...
Join cute little Urban Hamster, trapped in his cage in tropical Madagascar after a shipwreck. The lush, thick overgrowth instills a serene calm and a false sense of security, hiding dangerous predators and other perils.

The apparent safety of the forest fades quickly as our rodent hero comes face to face with the king of bears, the voracious grizzly. Wait, how did a grizzly bear get here? No matter, the cage door has opened and it''s time for our hero to do what hamsters do best and RUN!

Kids who have pet hamsters know these animals love to run, but wait until you see how fast this hamster goes!

The grizzly feeds tonight!
The king of beasts nearly has our hero in his clutches, and only YOU can help! Aid our brave little hamster hero as he tries to outrun and outmaneuver the unrelenting and fearsome grizzly. Experience the unique feeling of scurrying through the evergreen forests of Madagascar!

As Urban Hamster scampers through the nooks and crannies of the forest, he''ll come across mysterious coins and amazing power-ups that can help him in his quest to escape from the jaws of death. Collect coins to acquire gear and powerful boosts that will give Urban Hamster the speed and endurance needed to escape the grizzly''s hot pursuit!

How to play:
Steer by tilting your device
Jump hurdles by swiping up
Slide under obstacles by swiping down
Turn around corners by swiping left or right
Purchase power-ups and upgrades with the coins you grab as you run

**Please note that while the app is free, it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users'' wish to enhance their gaming experience. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device’s settings. **

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