Puppy Run: Peeka Boo

Puppy Run: Peeka Boo
(19.656k total ratings on Google Play)
Happy Mage / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 1.0M
(19.656k total ratings on Google Play)


Take a walk around the neighborhood with cute virtual puppies! Challenge your speed, strategy, and reflexes in this running game filled with energetic and cute pups!

Meet Peekaboo, a lovely, and active Pomeranian puppy. This energetic pup''s idea of fun is running around the neighborhood. Choose your very own virtual Pomeranian pup’s color and dress him up in 10 cute costumes or unlock four more dog breeds to play with! Bring Peekaboo and his friends to run in 4 different places around town. Play with them by letting them run as fast and as far as they can. It’s guaranteed to provide you loads of fun for hours, but this ain''t just a walk in the park! Make sure the pups surpass every obstacle along the way as they run faster and faster!

How to play:
Tilt your device to steer
Swipe up on your screen to jump
Swipe down on your screen to slide under obstacles
Swipe left or right to turn. Timing is important!
Collect as many coins as you can – you’ll need them to buy cute costumes for your puppies!

- Bring your puppy to 4 different locations around town: suburbs, city, forest, “doggy land”
- Unlock and play with 4 more cute puppies: Labrador, Beagle, Terrier, and a Cocker Spaniel!
- Dress up your pet with 10 cute and unique costumes
- Lots of different power-ups to unlock and upgrade as you play
- Give Peekaboo a head start! Purchase utility items for him to use in his energetic run!
- Play daily for a chance to win bonus items
- Unlock more missions to receive bonus rewards

*** Please note that this free app contains optional paid content that can be purchased on demand. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device’s settings. ***

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