Chess Time - Multiplayer Chess

Chess Time - Multiplayer Chess
(22.627k total ratings on Google Play)
Haptic Apps LLC / Board
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(22.627k total ratings on Google Play)


Tell your iOS friends! NOW Window Phone 8 as well.
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Cross Platform with iOS ( online , multiplayer )
Android Tablet Supported! In-Game Chat! Leaderboards! Friend Users! Rating System!

NOTE: Now select the time per move allowed. (1 -> 7 days)

Do you like chess? Do you have friends? Do you have friends that like chess? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Chess Time is FOR YOU!!!!
Chess Time allows you to play chess with your friends on the go and anywhere. Make a FREE ACCOUNT and invite them to a game! Don''t have any friends? That''s okay because you can select a random opponent. Chess Time sends push notifications so you will always be aware of your next moves. It even allows for you to chat with the other players! Download today FOR FREE!

- Play chess! online
- Play against your friends, multiplayer
- Game level chat!
- Account based!
- History of recent games played!
- Rating auto calculated.
- Export your game moves and share with a friend! Standard PGN format for us in PGN viewers.

Have friends with iPhones, iPods and iPads? Want to play chess with them? Tell them to get Chess Time on the App Store! ITS FREE!

So what on earth are these permission for?
Network state - Well its a internet chess game. Chess Time needs to talk with the internet in order to make and receive moves along with give you notifications.
Hardware controls - Simply for the selection of using vibration with notifications.
Storage - For offline/cached games Chess Time needs to store a little amount of data. Nothing to worry about if you do not have a lot of space to spare.

- 3 new piece sets and 4 tile sets
Special thanks to foss @ the nurbs institute for these graphics.
- Options / Game Board Settings. Select the tlles and pieces you like.

3.2.8 -
Country code shows, fixing some crashes,
username/rating on the main screen,
Analyze enhancements .. show legal moves, show captured pieces.
-- In analyze, open the option menu to turn these on.
Local notification reminder if a game is due within 4 hours.
** We heard you *** :)
READ_PHONE_STATE is no more ... gone!
Thank you for playing Chess Time,
as always feel free to send us any suggestions. - Fix for some crashes. Fix for analyze crash.
Made Flags larger in list of games.
Added ability to give opponent extended time on next move
(ex: if your friend is going on holiday with no internet access).

* UI changes, button colors, text box input fields, text color changes to make screens easier to read.
* List page performance enhancements, smother scrolling, less battery usage.
* More board tiles.
* White notification color.
* Removal of AppLovin advertiser
* Wake Lock option (Wont sleep if looking at the game board..optional)
* Screen Rotate lock option.
* More crash fixes (based on bug reports).
* Rating graph improved visually and has multiple date range settings.

ver - Some bug fixes, performance fixes, reduced network usage of leaderboard

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