Kids Logic Land Adventure Free

Kids Logic Land Adventure Free
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
Hedgehog Academy / Education
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


Help Jack and Alice find the treasures in Logic Land! In each of the five locations, interesting puzzles and brain games await you.

This educational game includes more than 20 types of tasks, including:
Guessing how a shape looks from above or below
Finding two pieces which together will build a square
Continuing a sequence of shapes
Guessing which strip of sides makes a cube
Solving with shapes
Determining how many cells a shape has
Identifying the odd shape
Finding similar shapes and other logic games and puzzles

The author of the game is a child psychologist who specializes in preschool training. The tasks are aimed at the development of logical reasoning, mathematical ability, and spatial intelligence as well as memory and attention for kids 6, 7 and 8 years old. Many of the tasks may remind you of IQ training materials, yet they are age-optimized. Your kid will be engaged by the colorful graphics, the variety of tasks and the feelings of progress as each task is solved. We recommend the game both to parents and to education professionals. Teachers can use the app as an additional learning tool in math class for 1st or 2nd grade elementary school. This logic game can also be used in preschool / kindergarten (ages 5-6 years old).

In order to succeed at school, children need to be able to gain new skills and learn new facts quickly. This can only be achieved if the basic cognitive processes (reasoning, concentration, memory, spatial intelligence) are well trained. Modern electronic devices are a great medium for pedagogical apps and interactive books, which can effectively train abilities of young kids.

Hedgehog Academy develops fun educational games for kids, and each of them has a free Android version. Check our website ( www.hedgehogacademy.com ) and follow us on Facebook to get updates about new upcoming games.

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