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(620 total ratings on Google Play)


This is the most advanced curling simulator available for Android. Realistic physics provide a unique gaming experience. Whether you''re a novice or pro curler, this game of ''chess on ice'' will challenge and entertain you.

Since long before the 2010 Winter Olympics when curling attracted a lot of attention from the American audience, this popular winter sport has been a fixture of small towns and big cities around the world. Download the greatest curling app on Android and discover what everyone''s been talking about.

Currently a local two player game, a multiplayer version is coming very soon! We want to provide you with only the highest quality curling experience and have been hard at work creating the ultimate curling app.

A quick explanation of gameplay follows.

As the skip, you''ll see the house in fullscreen, place the arrow on the ice wherever you''d like. You can drag the target around the house and the area in front of the house. This target will provide a line for your rock to travel but does not guarantee the placement of the rock. Your rock will curl off that line so keep that in mind when you choose your target. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the arrow click the ok button.

Now it is time to throw your stone. Choose a handle for your rock by clicking either the left or right arrow. To throw your rock, drag your finger along the screen. Watch your speed at the top of the screen, and lift your finger when you have reached your target speed. This is where your curling skill really comes into play! As a rough guide, a rock thrown at less than 6.5 will not reach the hog line and a rock thrown greater than 8.5 will pass through the house.

Once you have released your rock, you can sweep by brushing your finger across the screen. This will allow your rock to travel farther and in a straighter line. Watch the bar at the top of the screen to see how far you are from the centre of the house and to track your current speed.

Once the rock has come to a complete stop the screen will return to skip view and you repeat the process.

We hope that you enjoy Curling on Android and appreciate all your feedback. We''ve been reading your emails and many of you will be happy to see your suggestions in the next version. We expect to release a new version in early 2011. Please keep the feedback coming, we are always available at support@hexwave.com. We also appreciate it if you leave a rating and comments are great too!

If you like Curling and want to enjoy a true fullscreen experience - buy the full version for only $0.99 (CDN) - no ads! Limited time offer!

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