Brain Doctor - Kids Fun Game

Brain Doctor - Kids Fun Game
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(2500 total ratings on Google Play)


Be a super brain doctor! Treat these painful people with brain problems in this virtual doctor kids game

Do you wish to become a magic doctor? Have you ever visited a doctor’s office? What would you like to be, a skin doctor or a super nose doctor or a little throat doctor or a little eye doctor? Have you ever thought of becoming a brain doctor? If yes, then you would love to play this brain doctor kids game.

Here is the brain doctor’s office where you will be treating your patients. It’s a great sunny day today with singing and flappy birds outside. You have a biggest rush of the patients waiting for you with painful expression. So start your day with the painful people having brain problems. Select a patient and treat him. You have got a lot of tools and medicines at your doctor’s office. You don’t need to check their throats and ear, just treat their brains. Remember brain is more sensitive than baby ear, throats, skin, eye and baby nose. So be careful. Don’t hesitate, let’s do it now!

*** Features ***

√ Choose a patient at the brain doctor’s office and analyze the steps

√ Check heart of the patient

√ Give an electric Shock

√ Check the temper

√ Cool him up

√ Check the temperature

√ Use injection

√ Use dropper and clean it up

√ Give a cooling shower

√ Zoom inside with a camera

√ Take off the nails

√ Apply a cream

√ Put on a suniplast

√ Clean the dirt

√ Use a shower and apply bandage

√ Give syrup

√ Call the next patient

Are you fond of virtual doctor kids games? Do you enjoy playing little throat doctor or a super nose doctor with your friends? Yes? Hum, then you can be a powerful magic doctor and cure the brain of patients to regain their health. It’s more fun than a brain age test or memory trainer or flappy bird and much easier than an arm surgery. You don’t have to check the throats like a little throat doctor, but be careful brain is much more sensitive than nose, throats, ear, arm, eye or stomach. Let’s do it now!

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