Ghost Box E1 Spirit EVP Free

Ghost Box E1 Spirit EVP Free
(300 total ratings on Google Play)
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(300 total ratings on Google Play)


Top new ghost hunting technology!
* This app is for hobbyist & professional ghost hunters if you don''t understand it then please don''t rate it *
This app is spirit / ghost box with real-time generated white noise and EVP made of custom audio source that is cut and shuffled.

★ EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) from your own audio files!
★ White noise generator (real one, no looped noise files).
★ All options about generator & EVP may be changed while running!
★ Additional recording option that may be turned on/off anytime.
★ Customization for recording filenames/folder/format (3GP / WAV 8000Hz,11025Hz,16000Hz,22050Hz,44100Hz).
★ Can work in background.

RECORDINGS: Folder for recordings is set in options, default is SD card.

It''s new derivative type of device known as spirit box or ghost box that is used by ghost hunters worldwide.

It''s only one app like this on market.

Available audio sources for ghost / spirit box EVP:
✓ .WAV files played directly.
✓ .MP3 / .OGG files played after built-in conversion.
✓ Record audio in app and then use as audio source for EVP.

Sections description:

Noise Volume - volume of white noise.
Cuts Volume - volume of cuts.
Cuts Delay - delay between individual cuts.
Cuts Length - length of each cut from audio file. If length is greater than total length of file the lower is used.
Source - path to audio file used to generate cuts.

For best performance and because of limited memory of mobile devices, spirit box uses directly only .WAV files, MP3/OGG files have to be converted first.
Some of devices may not be able to play short cuts like 15ms because of limited audio buffer.

Please note that all operations are done in real-time so for good results you need a performant device.
Please note that volume changes may have minimal delays because they are buffered for better performance.

✓ Core app uses Audio & Writing permissions.
✓ Other permissions are used for advertisement services.

May be easily ignored if you don''t want to support this app.
They appear on exit.

Why not paid app without ads? :
Because in my country it''s problematic, sorry, it''s not my fault, I hope that I chose nice ads.

Please consider rating app if you find it useful, it really helps, thank you.

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Take app and description at it is, I don''t have time to maintain this account any longer. Sometimes I respond to e-mails. I got lot of messages of pro ghost hunters that it app works, it''s not prank app it''s tool for PROs, so if you cannot use it and you don''t know how EVP works please don''t rate.

Why there is no video tutorial? - Because making sessions takes too long and I don''t have time, I have a lot to do. If you made video tutorial / review you may send me a link and I''ll add them here. Here''s big demand for this so you may except lot of new views on your YT channel ;)

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Fell free to write comments / suggestions about app. I will try to respond to all questions. I''m open to feature requests.

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