Kids Learning Numbers Lite

Kids Learning Numbers Lite
(2500 total ratings on Google Play)
Fun4Kids HoneyBee / Education
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(2500 total ratings on Google Play)


Fun4Kids Honey Bee Kids Educational Apps
Kids Learning Numbers Lite(US English)

Lite version includes 3 activity.
Count, Trace and Pattern activities are available in lite edition.

Kids Learning Numbers app is the first of the Fun4Kids HoneyBee Kids Math Series.

The simple and clean user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows to play without help from an adult. An animated monster gives verbal instructions and feedback to the child which makes learning fun.

Kids Learning Numbers is the perfect way to build up your preschoolers'' core early learning number skills. Your children will enjoy a supportive, constructive and uniquely designed fun experience while building early number skills.

Kids Learning Numbers teaches sequential order of numbers, Tracing numbers, counting objects, comparing the quantity of objects as well as the pronunciation of numbers. This is the first of the Learning Math Series.

Fun4Kids is committed to your toddler''s education. This application includes 3 activities (7 in the Full Edition) uniquely designed to reinforce kids'' involvement and success by providing positive feedback while teaching the basic mathematics.

This application is specially designed for toddlers to enjoy with unique, fun graphics and cute sounds.

Application Features:

* COUNT: This activity teaches counting by showing colorful objects and interactive voices.
* TRACE: This activity teaches how to write numbers step by step guide.
* GROUP: Group activity exercises counting objects in groups.
* PATTERN : This activity helps kids learn the sequence of numbers.
* MATCH: This activity helps kids identify numbers, count the objects and associate numbers with the objects.
* COMPARE: This activity teaches the quantity concepts such as fewer, more, the most or the least.
* DOTS: Connect the dots activity counts or pronounces the numbers.

Fun4Kids Educational Applications are endorsed by thousands of satisfied parents, teachers and kids from all over the world.

Please reach us @ honeybee@mobyport.com for any feedback and support! We are committed to providing fun and educational experiences to support your kids'' education.

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