Kids Learning Phonics Lite

Kids Learning Phonics Lite
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Kids Learning Phonics Lite(US English)
A to J in lite edition.

Kids Learning Phonics help preschool kids learn the appearance and pronunciation of each letter as well as how they relate to sounds while keeping them entertained. Kids Learning Phonics includes unique high definition graphics matched with cute sounds and high quality recordings of letters and words. This is the second of the Learning Alphabet Series.

Fun4Kids is committed to your toddler''s education. This application includes 6 activities uniquely designed to reinforce kids'' involvement and success by providing positive feedback while teaching the alphabet.

This application is specially designed for toddlers to enjoy with unique, fun graphics and cute sounds.

Application Features:
* LEARN: One tip to help a kid recognize the alphabet and numbers and become a successful reader is to read with him or her. This activity reads letters aloud to your child. It offers fun animated pictures and words with those letters to enhance the learning experience.
* WORDS: This application contains draggable letters which needs to be arranged to construct full words. There are images and sounds associated with each word and letter. Constructing words from available letters is a fundamental step in learning reading and its a creative and fun activity for preschool kids to improve vocabulary.
* FIND: In this activity, kids are asked to find the right word that start with the shown letter on animated fish. This activity helps kids to recognize familiar words accurately.
* TEST: This application contains the picture of objects. Kids are asked to pick the correct word for the displayed object. There are images and sounds associated with each word and letter.

* Ad-free, easy to Use, intuitive and kids friendly user experience

Fun4Kids Educational Applications are endorsed by thousands of satisfied parents, teachers and kids from all over the world.

Please reach us @ honeybee@mobyport.com for any feedback and support! We are committed to providing fun and educational experiences to support your kids'' education.

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