LockMenu (free) - Lockscreen

LockMenu (free) - Lockscreen
(2800 total ratings on Google Play)
HuSmith, Inc / Personalization
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(2800 total ratings on Google Play)


Make your phone work for you – Replace your Android lockscreen with LockMenu.

This upgrade has some new features on the look of your LockMenu (e.g. a new slider style), performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Note - We DO NOT (and never have) collected any information from your phone other than application bug/force close reports from Google/BugSense. All installation requested privileges are used by some feature of the application (e.g direct dialing, allowing you to turn on/off your GPS/wifi/airplane mode,...). We DO NOT collect your email, contacts, phone number...

Now available LockMenu Pro - the ad free version - Go to Lockmenu Pro on the Android Marketplace.

Welcome to the LockMenu, we are very excited that so many of you like the app. Please send us feedback, new features and issues, we respond to all emails (support@lockmenu.com)

Lock Menu is a replacement lock screen that gives you the ability to launch applications and shortcuts directly from your lock screen. Lock Menu gives you the ability to customize 7 individual sliders so you can build a lock screen that fits your needs.

Launch an application, direct text, or direct dial all from your lock screen.

No need to unlock your phone and navigate to your Home app, just to launch another application. Lock Menu allows you to access the tasks you perform regularly on the first screen that appears.

This version is supported by ads. The ad free version may be found at Lockmenu Pro. Other than removing the ads there are no other differences between Lockmenu Pro (paid) and Lockmenu (ad supported).

LockMenu Features Include:
- Configure up to 9 sliders
- Launch applications or shortcuts from sliders
- Launch direct dial or direct text from sliders
- Go to Home screen from sliders
- Configure whether each slider unlocks device
- Wallpaper or custom background
- Easy access to phone controls (wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode)
- LockMenu Pro - Ad Free version released.

Notes on user feedback:

- Please provide feedback and bugs to support@lockmenu.com. We will respond ASAP. Also goto www.lockmenu.com/support for more details.

- Updates and Testing – Since LockMenu controls access to your phone we must test extensively. We have 6 different models of android phones we test on before releasing the code to a test group. Our extensive testing slows down adding new features. If we were implementing a game, a mistake would not be as critical, we are controlling your phone so a mistake is more then annoying.

- Alarm clock issues (mostly HTC users) - Unfortunately LockMenu does not work well with the normal HTC alarm clock. We found that using Alarm Clock Plus from the Android market eliminates any alarm clock issues. Note - We are in no way affiliated with Alarm Clock Plus.

- Testing - We currently test on 6 different phones prior to releasing to a small set of users for testing. Even with all this testing, there are some quirky behaviors (like the normal android unlock slider periodically coming up) that we cannot completely fix. We have to fool android into letting us do what we do.

- Performance - We are constantly looking at ways to improve the performance of the LockMenu application. One use of the Lockmenu Background service is to prepare the screen for display of the LockMenu as the phone is going to sleep. We will continue to look at ways to improve the apps performance and welcome any suggestions.

- Security (Pin, password, Pattern)- If you use Android''s unlock security (e.g. PIN/Password/Pattern) please see our FAQ at http://lockmenu.com/faq. While LockMenu works with Android''s unlock security (works the best with Pattern), it''s not as clean as we would like...we find this very frustrating but its due to Androids security implementation.

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