Hack RUN free

Hack RUN free
(3300 total ratings on Google Play)
i273 LLC / Puzzle
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(3300 total ratings on Google Play)


Ever wanted to be a hacker?

Hack your way into the heart of a mysterious organization to uncover their secrets. Hack RUN® is a game which uses ''old school'' command prompts (like DOS or UNIX) that simulate a real operating system. Learn the commands of each system to help you navigate through your adventure.

As you hack into their systems, you will learn about the organization and the people who work there. Read files and emails to find clues and riddles which will give you access to more accounts. Data found on their systems will help you learn about the motives of the organization, and how dark their plans can get. You may also discover dirty little secrets about the employees as well.

Hacking into new accounts or discovering key information will increase your skill level. As you achieve your goals, you will move closer and closer to the final achievement; over 50 levels deep in the full version!

It''s time for a Hack RUN!

Great fun! ★★★★★
I just finished Hack RUN, what a great game! I''m a big fan of interactive fiction and this is a wonderful example of how the genre can be expanded and still be current.

Brilliant game! ★★★★★
Command prompt for lay people.

This is AWESOME!!! ★★★★★
This game us so cool that I stopped texting my girlfriend to play it haha :P

FREE VERSION: This free version of Hack RUN® does not contain all of the levels of the full game.

Stuck on a level? Just use the ''hint'' or ''answer'' commands to help you along.

*** Make sure to play the SECOND game in this series called ''Hack Run ZERO'' ***

Hack RUN free is a game. It is not a tool or aid for learning how to hack into real computer systems. i273, LLC does not endorse hacking.

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