Baby Toy with Lock

Baby Toy with Lock
(2500 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2500 total ratings on Google Play)


A game for babies (boys or girls) with a button''s lock feature. For ages 6 months to two years old. Ideal for one year old babies.

Baby Toy is a game to entertain and teach your 6 months to two years old baby. Optionally, it locks the device, thus preventing the toddler from starting other apps or making calls. It is both parent and baby friendly. See the Settings menu for options and features.

The game is designed to suit both boys and girls. It is made of colorful boards in shades of pink and blue. It targets the ages between 6 months to two years old and promises tones of laughs when played with parental supervision.

The extra added lock keys options are a lifesaver when a child holds your phone:
When the button lock options are configured, the app prevents exiting with the Home key, the Back key or the Recent Apps key. Also, it locks the volume control keys, so that the baby can''t make changes on its own.

The game concept is simple and fun! The baby touches or taps an icon, and the respective sound is heard. Keeps the child happy and busy, educating at the same time.

It consists of three different sound / icon themes:
★ farm animals,
★ musical instruments and
★ colorful robots

The volume keys are disabled 30 seconds after the game starts in lock mode. You can adjust the volume level in the Intro Screen.

For security reasons, Android demands you set this up manually. If not, a malicious application could take over your device.

You will be able to unlock by following the onscreen instructions. The unlock pattern is to press the four corner images in a clockwise order.

How to enable lock:
1) In Settings, enable the "Lock" option
2) Start the Game
2.1) Pick BabyToy as your default Home App and press Always
2.2) Pick BabyToy as your default Google Now Assistant and press Always
3) With the game started, Lock and Unlock the device. If the power button only blanks the screen, you will need to switch it to "Instant Lock" in Settings>Security.

view network connections: used to query / control airplane mode status
retrieve running apps: used to clear the recent apps history and avoid exiting though this (selected devices only)
control vibration: provide vibration when an icon is touched

===User Comments===
❤ I absolutely love this app. It keeps my 8 month old happy so easily!
❤ This can entertain my 20 month old for hours! It manages to keep his attention when nothing else does. Amazing!
❤ My 14 month old toddler loves this app. Of all the baby apps this one holds her attention the longest. Also, great locking feature.

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