Islamic Prayer Time & Calendar

Islamic Prayer Time & Calendar
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Mohamed Rabbani / Tools
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(3400 total ratings on Google Play)


This application is an all-in-one application that has the following main features:

Calendar (Gregorian Vs Hijri)
Prayer Time
Quranic Duas & Authentic Hadees Duas

The application provides a monthly view of Gregorian Calendar and the respective Islamic Calendar(Hijri) (التقويم الهجري)
The Islamic calendar is based on a calculated lunar calendar "Ummul Qura"(أم القرى)
The application also provides a monthly view of Prayer Times(أوقات الصلاة) based on the user''s current location and timezone in the same screen.


*Option to set Islamic(Hijri) day correction.

*Highlights the Islamic holidays/events in that month .

*Option to go to any Gregorian month/year using month/year picker.
This is very helpful in getting a Gregorian vs Hijri monthly view of the month and year chosen eg: You can get your Hijri birth day

*Option to enable disable notification of Islamic events.The app will remind the Islamic events at 7 pm the day before event.

*Option to choose different calculation methods: Makkah Ummul-Qura,Karchi,Egypt,Muslim World League,ISNA,MUIS,Jafari and Tehran

*Option to choose different Asr time calculation method.
Standard (Shafii,Maliki,Hanbali) and Hanafi

*Prayer time notification option with system notification sound/Adhan(الأذان) selection.

*Choice of Makkah and Madinah Adhan with Adhan Dua

*Choose media from device for the notification sound.You can play your favorite Adhan for each waqt.

*Configure Prayer Time Notification for each waqt differently.

*Prayer Time Notification reminder can be configured before,on or after waqt.

*Option to automatically update location,search location and pick recently used locations

*Precise Qiblah with the accuracy indicator that alerts if the device needs calibration

* 56 Duas from Quran displayed in Indo/Pak arabic font.

* 31 Duas from Authentic Hadees(Muslim,Bukhari,Tirmidhi)

*Useful Home screen/Lock screen application (widget) that shows Gregorian/Hijri date,location,current prayer time(waqt) and the next prayer time.

*Singapore users can use Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) calculation method to get accurate MUIS time.

*Application works without mobile data/internet connection and occupies very less storage and memory.

*Support for Arabic(العربية) language

*Support for Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia

*Please follow the instructions given in this video below to calibrate the magnetic sensor for a precise Qiblah.

Facebook page :http://facebook.com/HijCalendar
iOS app:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hijri-calendar/id833191010?ls=1&mt=8

Use this free application(no advertisements) and provide your feedback and suggestions to improve.

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