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Mobie360 Beta Launcher
(10.223k total ratings on Google Play)
innoPath Software / Personalization
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(10.223k total ratings on Google Play)


The first adaptive personalization app to check Android apps inside and out.

Mobie takes the guesswork out of finding and tuning the apps that transform your Internet of Things into a field of dreams, where mobile life works your way. He keeps your Android phone working as well after downloading the next killer app as it did before.

Only Mobie dives deep into big data to round up rogue apps – the vampires, pigs and spies that dumb down your smart phone and leak personal details - so you can keep the best and shred the rest. He quickly learns which apps you use most and automatically arranges them into customizable location and activity-based zones for one tap access.

Download Mobie and simply take control of your mobile life!

Lifehackers love Mobie:
"Mobie has evolved into an adaptive, multi-level homescreen, data optimizer, and system manager that personalizes itself automatically to the user, making it the most innovative Android app on the market.”

“If I could add just one app to my stock Samsung Galaxy, it would be Mobie.” Thomas (Mobie user)

One tap access
Learns which apps you use most and automatically arranges them into location-based zones including “Home”, “Work”, and “On the Go”. Customizable activity Zones such as “Catching Up” and “Chilling” keep the apps you use most one tap away. Infrequently used apps are highlighted to make sure you still want them and all preferences are saved so in the future, switching devices or plans will be a snap.

Eco-friendly apps
It’s easy for apps to get into Google Play, but much harder for people to leave with one that works for their mobile lifestyle. Mobie recommends apps based on community usage and immediately alerts you to any that cut too deeply into your data plan, storage, or battery life. He vaccinates your device against stalker spyware while alerting you to apps that are known for oversharing your private details.

► In the morning, wake up Android and reconnect with your top apps for news, calendar, and traffic.
► In the office, find the apps you use most to create, collaborate, and compete in your At Work zone.
► In the car, hook to bluetooth and stream away with no data surprises - Mobie’s got your back.

People Are Talking
“Mobie is a no-brainer for Android owners.” ~ Android Rundown
"Mobie is one of the most versatile pieces of software out there.” ~ Digital Spy
"The ideal app for your phone to keep it secure and in tip-top shape.” ~ Gizmodo UK

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Need help with Mobie? Check out our Help Center http://www.innopath.com/mobie-faq.html.
Join the resistance movement by becoming a MobieInsider - http://goo.gl/urX3Go
To get up close and personal with a Mobie crew member ping Hannah @ hbrown@innopath.com. She’ll help connect the dots.

THANK YOU for installing Mobie – you’ve got a friend for mobile life!

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