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Task Manager +
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(470 total ratings on Google Play)


Task Manager+ is a simple and easy to use the android task killer tool.
Whether your system is running more and more slower
Whether your battery is running out more and more faster
So, try Task Manager+, this is the newest and best task management tool, which make your phone more cleaner and using more smoother.

# 1 Tap to kill a task / process / service
# Support batch Kill
# Show current memory status
# Display the recent task, including name and running status.
# Display the currently running process, including name and memory size
# Display currently running services, including name and service name
# Various sorting capabilities such as application name and memory size
# View application detail
# Switch to the application
# Uninstall the application
# Identify the critical applications, avoid misuse
# Auto-optimization

Similar applications on the market including: Advanced Task Killer, Advanced Task Manager, ES Task Manager

# Better user experience:
1 Place kill button for each application, operation is more convenient
2 show task/process/service, state more clearly
3 Distinguish between ordinary application / critical applications in different colors
4 Support gesture sliding, more convenient in touch screen
# Better technical:
1 through pre-loading mechanism, showing faster
2 identification of critical applications, avoid misuse
# The user-friendly:
1 blue color scheme, visual comfort
2 simple layout of the program, more convenient operation

1 What is the use of Task Manager?
A: Do you know why your phone will run more slowly? and you know why your phone battery consumption faster?
As more running process, more memory used, when system have not enough memory, performance will be getting worse.
As more running process, more CPU used, when more power consumed, the battery will run out

2 What is the task / process / service?
A: In a android phone:
process is the basis for the application to run, tasks / services are a special form of process;
task is application opened by the user, which include user interface;
service is running process in the background and there is no user interface

3. Why are there some applications running that i did not open ?
A: Some applications will start when the phone turn on or invoked by other events for android system event trigger mechanism

4. Why do some applications restart when i kill it?
A: Some applications will restart by system event, which task manager cant prevent it. So you could enable auto optimization feature, which monitor app running status smartly, and kill it at first time

5. Why can not i kill the task / service (in android2.2 later)?
A: Android2.2 later, the mechanism of task management changed:
Task only keep that the application''s state that user open, so even if you kill the process for task, the task still remains;
Task / service can not be killed, but android system can kill it.
If you need to kill tasks / services, we also provide assistance to operate it(click on a task / service, then you will enter the application details screen, click the "force stop" to kill it)

Task Manager+ is the newest and best task management tool on the market currently, just try it
Any questions, please contact us: isnowstudio@gmail.com

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