Flick Fishing Masters

Flick Fishing Masters
(4700 total ratings on Google Play)
flight sim / Sports
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(4700 total ratings on Google Play)


The best real outdoor fishing masters sport free game. Do you like fishing sport? Do you want to be a fishing masters? Come on, make a fishing hunter ace!
flick fishing elite masters ace game! The best fishing outdoor sport casual games, Your best choice!
Real game scenes, the real process of fishing, throwing poles, waiting for fish bait!
This is a professional fishing simulation game, you can switch between a number of different scenarios and you can try to hunt different fish.
The fishing game designed specifically for fishing enthusiasts,we believe every fishing fans will love our app.
First you have only basic fishing equipment, but do not worry, by our shop system, you can catch fish for sale, with the purchase of gold coins to get a better fishing rod and fishing line.

Game features:
Smooth gaming experience, completely true fishing experience.
Streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, 4 kinds of completely different game scenarios.
Sunfish, carp, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, rainbow trout, salmon, sturgeon, 7 kinds of fish.
9 kinds different intensity of fishing rod.
9 kinds different labels fishing line.
True power feedback, experience the fun of the fish.
Different water depths and distance throwing pole.
Shop system, you can catch fish for sale,get gold coins, buy fishing gear.
Daily fish prices will change randomly, you can choose the right opportunity to trade in.
Friendly game interface, easy to switch various scenes in the game.
Realistic sound.

How to play:
Start the game,elect the game interesting scenes. We recommend that you first enter the first scenario,this scenario because the smaller the weight of the fish for the primary equipment for fishing.
You can select the appropriate distance and depth fishing different depths and distances, there may be a different weight and different fishing species.
Waiting for fish bait, you can adjust the position of bait in the process of waiting, when the phone vibrates, there is a fish bite!
When fish bait,you must respond within two seconds, by fishing vessels on the right side, you can close the line.
Please note that the middle of the screen power indicator, try to make the power indicator is in the green zone, if the power indicator enters the red zone, slightly loosen the fishing vessel, or the fish may break.
When the fish is caught up, you can choose to release or put into storage. Top right corner of game interface, you will have a record total weight.
When the game prompts you need better equipment, go to the store, sell your catch, get gold, buy better fishing equipment. We need to remind you that the shop will change the price of fish, so you could have entered the shop every day to see today''s price.
In the warehouse and the toolbox, you can configure the fishing group.

If you have any suggestions, please send us an email! If you like our application, please give us 5 points, thanks!

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