Babymonitor Baby Sleep Monitor

Babymonitor Baby Sleep Monitor
(240 total ratings on Google Play)
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(240 total ratings on Google Play)


New features since 9th of May 2013:

- Enable or disable SMS sending with your Babymonitor!
- Choose if you want to receive SMS notifications from NannyPhone !
- NannyPhone remembers your sensitivity settings after restart !
- Improved handling for the sensitivity controller !

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Freedom and peace of mind!

With NannyPhone Baby Sound Monitor your child is safe without boundaries. Get yourself the reliable and easy-to-use baby-monitor for your Android device.

All you need is your smartphone, the NannyPhone app and mobile coverage.

This app is fully functional without any ads - for free!

As IT-Rockstars with kids we know the challenges parents face when traveling with children or visiting friends.
Regular baby monitors and alarms have their limits in coverage and and are a hassle to carry along with you.
We developed NannyPhone based on our experience as parents and use it ourselfs to monitor our kids.

With the NannyPhone you can finally enjoy your time while your baby is sleeping - anywhere and without compromise.

Your NannyPhone is easily set up and will reliably monitor your baby''s sleep using the smartphones microphone.
If the recorded volume reaches the configured sensitivity level, the Nanny will call you on the chosen phone number and you may hear for yourself what your child is up to.

In case your baby sleeps like a log, NannyPhone will send you a text message (SMS) every 10 minutes to let you know that the monitoring is still working and everything is fine.
The status SMS will also tell you the current battery level of the smartphone, so you don''t have to worry that the phone runs out of juice.


- Monitor your Baby with ease
- 3G, all Networks
- Free with no hidden costs! Only your regular charges for SMS and phone calls apply
- No Ads
- Developed by parents for parents
- Easy set up and use
- Unlimited coverage
- Professionally tested by the Testbirds
- Alert via SMS and Call
- Status SMS every 10 minutes including the battery status
- Adjustable microphone sensitivity
- the smart alternative to radio-based baby monitors, alarms and baby phones

NannyPhone was successfully tested on the following devices:
(it should work on any other Android device (>2.3) as well)

- Google Nexus 4, LG
- HTC, Sensation, Android 4.0.x 1
- Motorola, Milestone 2, Android 2.3.x 1
- Samsung, Galaxy Ace 2, Android 3.x 1
- Samsung, Galaxy Mini S5570, Android 2.3.x 1
- Samsung, Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.2.x 1
- Samsung, Galaxy S II, Android 4.0.x 1
- Samsung, Galaxy S III, Android 4.1.x 4
- Samsung, Galaxy Y, Android 2.3.x 1
- Sony Ericsson, Xperia mini pro, Android 4.x 1
- Sony Ericsson, Xperia neo V, Android 4.0.x 1
- Sony Ericsson, Xperia Sola, Android 4.0.x

Check out the BabyMonitor to Monitor your Baby with the NannyPhone Sound Baby-Monitor App !

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