Jewels Quest

Jewels Quest
(1000 total ratings on Google Play)
bubbleSoft / Puzzle
Downloads: 50.0k
(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


The newest Match-3 game:Jewels Quest now available on Google Play for free.
Fun and addictive game:Jewels Quest,is a game can be played by anyone,and you can expect the ultimate in explosive fun with jewels collecting!Your goals is to match the jewels until the board transparency.
If you love Jewels games,Jewels Quest is the perfect game for you!Try to get all stars in each level.Once you start,with satisfying and awesome visual effects,you can''t stop!
What''s the difference with our other Jewel Quest games:The gems can fall from the oblique direction in this game.
Tips:Eliminate the jewels quickly can earn one blitz bonus,this will help you complete the levels quickly.
★★★★★How to play?
Touch the adjacent jewels to swap them.Make 3 or more with the same types together to eliminate them.Eliminate 4 or more jewels to gather special jewel. Match the jewels until the board transparency to pass the level.Try to get all stars in each level.Can you be the Jewels Star?
★★★★★App Advice review:
Cool music, beautiful graphics and effects, soothing and transcends above stress! Excellent!Best of all jewel games I have played!! Excellent graphics, makes you plan your strategy before you make the next move.
★★★★★What users say:
1.Very fun.If you are looking for a game that will occupy spare time, this is the one for you.
2.AWESOME.Very addicted stayed up till 3 am.Time just flew by!!! Thanks for a GREAT FREE GAME!!!! BETTER THEN THE REST!!!
1.lovely graphics,sweet sounds.
2.Well-designed maps, to make the game more enjoyable and addictive.
3.Share with your friends.
4.Eliminate the jewels quickly can earn one more blitz bonus.
5.Eliminate 4 or more candies to gather special jewels.

We try our best to design the most interesting games,but there must be some place not good enough.If you have any suggestions please tell us.Your 5-star reviews or comments or suggestions of improved, is the best support for us.Thank you!

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