2014Fortune Telling

2014Fortune Telling
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(390 total ratings on Google Play)


Just enter your date and time of your birthday and find out the varieties of analysis of your fortune. Feel blessed and happy by using it and you can also have a blessed love life with our suggestions everyday.

**Ten main themes of functions**

1) 【My Secret Codes】
How others think of you? What’s your really personalities? What is your real concerns? Let Hold Fortune unlock the Pandora''s box for your life.

2) 【Yearly Horoscope】
Time flies and have you noticed that some incidents happened repeatedly. Congratulations, if the repeated incidents were happy and good ones. If not, then you should use Hold Fortune at once.

3) 【Monthly Horoscope】
Next month is around the corner. Are you ready? Seize the fortunate timing and turn bad luck into good fortune by using the horoscope of the month.

4) 【Daily Horoscope】
Have you used Hold Fortune today? Beside from providing the fortune of the day, it will also suggest the best fortunate color for your day. Use Hold Fortune to find out the luckiest color of the day and build your fortune right away.

5) 【Who Is He/ She?】
Nowadays, we count on others’ help in addition to our self-supporting. The question is who will be the best helper? We rely on our parents when at home and supportive people when we are out working. Will he/ she be your supportive people? Find out with Hold Fortune.

6) 【Month vs.Sex】
Do you know you actually have a certain undiscovered fondness for love making? We will reveal the top secret by using the month of birth in Hold Fortune. We promise the content will make you blush and your heart will beat intensely. Feel the butterflies in your stomach.

7) 【Financial Mgmt.】
Do you understand your preference about your behavior in investing and consuming? We have penetrating analysis. Check it out.

8) 【Match Making】
Are you still bothered with your love affairs? Do you worry about whether your lover loves you or not? Enter the date of birth of your lover. We will give you the match index and find out what are your lover’s favorite traits.

9) 【My Colors】
Everyone has their own exclusive color for work, love and supportive people. Each demand requires its own matching color. Find out your own exclusive color with Hold Fortune.

10) 【Most-Like Celebrity】
Are you curious about which celebrities, political and business elites or movie stars resemble with your birth date character? You will discover the similarity between your appearances and personalities. Their accomplishment is your reference and consultation. Look at them and think of yourself. You can be the “somebody” in others’ eyes in the future.

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