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● Koran (Quran) FREE ●
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Koran (Quran, Qur''an) App

English translations of the Koran (Al-Qur''an, Quran) by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall (1930) and John Medows Rodwell (1861) as a free e-book app with voice output (TextToSpeech).


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Themes: Religion, Islam, Koran, Qur''an, Quran, Mohammed, Mecca, Makkah, Medina, Madinah, Suras, Verses, Arabia, TextToSpeech, text to speech

Quran Suras:
Koran 1 The Opening
Koran 2 The Heifer
Koran 3 Family of Imran
Koran 4 Women
Koran 5 The Table
Koran 6 Cattle
Koran 7 The Elevations
Koran 8 The Spoils
Koran 9 Repentance
Koran 10 Jonah
Koran 11 Hud
Koran 12 Joseph
Koran 13 Thunder
Koran 14 Abraham
Koran 15 Hijr
Koran 16 The Bee
Koran 17 The Night Journey
Koran 18 The Cave
Koran 19 Mary
Koran 20 Ta Ha
Koran 21 The Prophets
Koran 22 The Pilgrimage
Koran 23 The Faithful
Koran 24 Light
Koran 25 The Criterion
Koran 26 The Poets
Koran 27 The Ant
Koran 28 The Story
Koran 29 The Spider
Koran 30 Byzantium
Koran 31 Luqman
Koran 32 Prostration
Koran 33 The Confederates
Koran 34 Sheba
Koran 35 The Originator
Koran 36 Ya Sin
Koran 37 The Ranged Ones
Koran 38 Sad
Koran 39 Throngs
Koran 40 The Forgiver
Koran 41 Elaborated
Koran 42 Counsel
Koran 43 Ornaments
Koran 44 Smoke
Koran 45 Crowling
Koran 46 Ahqaf
Koran 47 Muhammad
Koran 48 Victory
Koran 49 Apartments
Koran 50 Qaf
Koran 51 The Scatterers
Koran 52 The Mount
Koran 53 The Star
Koran 54 The Moon
Koran 55 The Beneficent
Koran 56 The Imminent
Koran 57 Iron
Koran 58 The Pleader
Koran 59 The Banishment
Koran 60 The Woman Tested
Koran 61 Ranks
Koran 62 Friday
Koran 63 The Hypocrites
Koran 64 Dispossession
Koran 65 Divorce
Koran 66 The Forbidding
Koran 67 Sovereignty
Koran 68 The Pen
Koran 69 The Besieger
Koran 70 Lofty Stations
Koran 71 Noah
Koran 72 The Jinn
Koran 73 Enwrapped
Koran 74 Shrouded
Koran 75 Resurrection
Koran 76 Man
Koran 77 The Emissaries
Koran 78 The Tiding
Koran 79 The Wresters
Koran 80 He frowned
Koran 81 The Winding Up
Koran 82 The Rending
Koran 83 The Defrauders
Koran 84 The Splitting
Koran 85 The Houses
Koran 86 The Nightly Visitor
Koran 87 The Most Exalted
Koran 88 The Enveloper
Koran 89 The Dawn
Koran 90 The Town
Koran 91 The Sun
Koran 92 The Night
Koran 93 Morning Brightness
Koran 94 Opening
Koran 95 The Fig
Koran 96 The Clinging Mass
Koran 97 The Ordainment
Koran 98 The Proof
Koran 99 The Quake
Koran 100 The Chargers
Koran 101 The Catastrophe
Koran 102 Rivalry
Koran 103 Time
Koran 104 The Scandal-monger
Koran 105 The Elephant
Koran 106 Quraysh
Koran 107 Aid
Koran 108 Abundance
Koran 109 The Faithless
Koran 110 Help
Koran 111 Palm Fibre
Koran 112 Monotheism
Koran 113 Daybreak
Koran 114 Humans

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+ English and German
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+ Fullscreen images
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