Sleep Ambience

Sleep Ambience
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


Sleep Ambience is a white noise app that allows you to customise background sounds to listen to while relaxing or going to sleep. If you like sleeping to the soothing sound of a river, or the beautiful songs of birds, then Sleep Ambience is for you! You can use the included tracks or make your own from scratch. You can even download tracks that others have made!


224 included sounds

No ads!

• 7 sound groups:
Country, Instrumental, Forest, City, Meditation, House, Beach

Customisable sounds
• Create your own custom tracks from any number of included sounds
• Change the volume of each sound individually
• Change how frequently intermittent sounds play

Track library
Upload your favourite tracks to the built-in free cloud library, and download tracks that others have created!

Sleep timer
So you don''t have to worry about turning off Sleep Ambience when you''ve fallen asleep!

Wake-up alarm
So you can wake to the sound of your tracks!

Premium features:
• Create custom sounds from your own sound files! The possibilities are infinite!
• Adjust the theme of the app using the colour circles.
• All future features.

Explanation of permissions
Read phone status and identity - This is used so Sleep Ambience can be alerted when a phone call is incoming so it can stop any tracks playing.
Read, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage - This is necessary for you to be able to import your own sound files (premium feature).
Full network access - This is used for connecting to the track library and anonymous error and analytical reporting.
Prevent phone from sleeping - This is used to keep the screen on while the wake-up alarm is sounding.
Google Play billing service - To allow upgrading to the premium version.

If you suffer from insomnia or tinnitus, would like a relaxing atmosphere for yoga or meditation, or would just like to be serenaded by crickets or rain while you nap, you’ve come to the right place. This app contains plenty of sounds to remind you of relaxing by the beach on a summer holiday or enjoying the thunder and lightning of a beautiful storm. With hundreds of sounds from nature/home providing an atmosphere, peaceful sleep is moments away.

To become a Sleep Ambience beta tester go to the link below and follow the instructions in the "About this community" section:

Just some of the included sounds:
Airport, chant, choir, bat, Batucada, helicopter, train, beehive, bell, blender, boat, bus, waves, campfire, car, horn, cat, dog, cicada, city, clock, chime, dryer, construction, coyote, crane, crickets, woods, deer, fan, fireworks, dolphin, doorbell, piano, seaside, faucet, drip, fireplace, foghorn, footsteps, sand, stream, fountain, fridge, frog, night, fulmar, truck, gas, fire, goose, grackle, grandfather clock, seagulls, traffic, jackhammer, Japanese flute, kookaburra, Kruger park, lawn mower, loon, microwave, mistral, birds, mowing, nightingale, orca, owl, pile driver, rainforest, samba, scuba, siren, river, snore, splash, sprinkler, steam ship, stormy sea, television static, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, washer, whale, whistle, wind, chimes, woodpecker, countryside, cow herd, duck pond, lyrebird, meadow, on train, rain on tin roof, shearing shed, sheep herd, spring peepers, tractor, tree frogs, Australian wood duck, cow bells, cow moo, crow, door close, door open, duck quack, goat bleat, horse neigh, horse snort, horse trot, old tractor, rooster crow, thunder, tractor start, whippoorwill, cello, didgeridoo, guitar, music box, oboe, piano, saxophone, bamboo flute, violin, flute, harp, jazz guitar, keyboard, mandolin, orchestral, piano reverb, xylophone.

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