GO SMS Theme Stained Glass

GO SMS Theme Stained Glass
(1600 total ratings on Google Play)
Workshop Theme / Personalization
Downloads: 100k
(1600 total ratings on Google Play)


GO SMS Theme Stained Glass works only with GOSMS Pro, if you don''t have it, download for free from Google Play.

New colours with tone neon mosaic style now in Your devices!
The colors of mosaic skin for GO SMS Pro = is minimalistic, simple and forward-looking, future them.
Do you like FREE mozaic print, stained glass, patterns or other tiles theme for your Go SMS PRO ? Maybe you want dressing things like plants, bubbles, flowers and tiles or inlay ?

Theme have great purple or violet, cyan or magenta and aquamarine and also red wallpaper and icons. This application helps You to personalization and customization the look of your device.
Black and white or light and dark patch, character, line, dots(dot) and very great stripes, belts, marks give this theme very nice designs.

We blend blue, light orange, cotton candy red, hot pink and bright green colors with highlight to make beautiful designs for you.

To apply the theme(also for GO Chat):
1. Download this theme from Google Play for free
2. Download GO SMS Pro for free
3. Install and launch GO SMS app
3. Press right to see options and press"theme
4. Press "Installed" tab 
5. Tap the GO SMS Theme stained glass

Designed specially for people who love also amaranthine, indygo colors for patterns design.
This Go Theme have a three great high resolution HD wallpapers for main background, and great colorful icons.
The best application to personalization and customization your GO SMS Theme.
Everything has been designed specifically for people who love multum of colors.

To change apperance settings about conversation list
1. Press Menu
2. Press Advanced
3. Press Appearance Settings.
4. Press Conversation List Customization

And now You can adjusted for each other, you can change:
- Background in messages.
- Displayed contact pictures.
- Contact font.
- Contact font color.
- Time and message fonts.
- Or restet this setting as to default.

To change apperance settings about conversation style
1. Press Menu
2. Press Advanced
3. Press Appearance Settings.
4. Press Conversation customization

And now You can adjusted for each other, you can change:
Conversation style ( bubble setting or list style)
- Background
- Incoming font
- Outgoing font
- Hyperlink color in text
If you want to use avatar icon for any contact simply change it and the new image for each contacts are visible on conversation list and messages sms list.

Style helps You to customization and personalization your GO SMS with great images looks like the colours of the rainbow, tessellated, and that all for FREE!

Disclaimer: this application use interstitial ads and banners.

Check other our GOLauncher EX Themes, GO SMS Pro Themes, and GO Locker, free themes.
Themes are published all the time so check our developer account regularly.
Style was created by WorkshopTheme

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